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Exploring the Forex market: the basics

Every sixth Malaysian came across Forex before. However, some questions about it remain to be answered. This overview outlines the fundamentals of the financial market and answers the safety concerns that often arise with regard to it.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 21 September 2022 – According to the OctaFX research, almost 80 per cent of the working-age population in Malaysia are familiar with the Forex market. This is over 12 million people—more than eight times the population of the country’s capital. The large-scale study of Malaysia’s population showed that a significant number of people of different sex, age, and occupation consider Forex a promising investment tool. In a related survey, more than 4.7 million people claimed to trade Forex actively.

Yet, the industry raises many questions that remain unanswered. Let’s start with the most pressing one.

The definition of Forex

In a sense, Forex is a dynamic basket of foreign currencies and exchanges. The full description reads as ‘Foreign exchange’ and houses the process of changing one currency into another. The Foreign Exchange market is decentralised by nature. It lives completely online and uses a great variety of different countries, currencies, and commodities.

The key Forex actors

The main actors of the Forex industry are, far and foremost, the broker itself, who provide the trading services, and its clients, who use them and are regular people. Also, Forex services rely on the essential relationship with liquidity providers. They function as mediators who are highly required to give traders access to the Forex market, offering the most accurate value estimation for the traded currencies.

There are global and local Forex brokers—the bigger the reach and regulatory scope, the bigger the Forex broker.

The licence issue

Global Forex brokers operate in a multitude of countries. They are often allowed to operate globally through multiple international documents. A Forex broker (such as OctaFX, IG, and AvaTrade) is an international business company, and it’s equipped with the required set of incorporation documents, allowing it to offer global financial services to clients worldwide.

An essential advantage of working as a globally recognised Forex broker is the trading conditions they wish to offer and secure for their clients. Global Forex brokers have a wider variety of instruments on offer with fair and competitive trading and investing conditions that otherwise would simply lack in the Foreign Exchange market. Therefore, opportunities arise that wouldn’t be attainable under other circumstances.

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As discussed above, decentralisation for the Forex market is vital. It operates—without exception—online and utilises a wide variety of different regions and even continents, national currencies, and commodities. Even local brokers must use some features and advantages of international partners, such as payment systems and other services. So, it sounds like it can’t be limited to one particular country entirely.

The differences between Forex and other investments

Forex is often used as an alternative to more conservative types of investments, such as gold, real estate, corporate bonds, and others. In Forex, traders can make profits regardless of the state of the market. A plummeting price of an instrument is just an opportunity to short it. Apart from that, there is a low entry threshold and usually quicker returns due to the real-time nature of the market. It is no surprise that Forex naturally became a popular choice for investors and traders all over the world.

Forex brokers usually provide a variety of non-Forex instruments, ranging from commodities to cryptocurrencies, which allows investors to diversify their portfolios and manage risks more effectively.

Once again, Foreign Exchange is decentralised but, at the same time, a deeply established financial market. International brokers attract clients from all over the world, providing them with the opportunity of entering the market, which until recently was populated exclusively by banks, funds, and wealthy financiers. There is a craft to learn and regular profit to be made, even recurring income. But as with any legitimate endeavours to thrive on the financial market, one has to be ready to train their skills through education and learning.

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