Exynos 2100 beats Snapdragon 888 in Samsung S21 Ultra Battery Test

A new video has emerged on YouTube showing the new Samsung’s Exynos 2100 chipset has better battery life compared to rival Snapdragon 888 albeit claims that the latter’s cores were underclocked.

While the video is not definitive, it is a close depiction of how the devices would perform in real life. The video by PBKReviews puts two Galaxy S21 Ultra devices, one with a Snapdragon 888 and the Exynos 2100, to the test via a series of performance-oriented tests.

The tests run with both flagships on identical settings, 100pc charge,100pc brightness, with adaptive brightness off and a white background to level the playing field and see how much the battery would drain.

They then used a “generic battery drain app” to put the CPUs through heavy loads and 8 minutes in, the Snapdragon started to dim down the screen as it got hotter at 46.3 degrees and while the Exynos began dimming later on at 44.9 degrees.

The video then resumed using the battery drain app. Eight minutes and 17 seconds later, the Snapdragon was at 87pc 49.8 degrees, while the Exynos 2100 was at 89 percent 46.6 degrees.

What do you think? Has the Exynos finally caught up?

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