Facebook is Changing Its Terms of Service: Is This Bad Censorship?


Facebook is making a major change to its platform. The company is changing its Terms of Service (ToS) for all its users. These new terms of service will come into effect on October 1, 2020, and they basically mitigate any legal liability off the multibillion-dollar company

The Social media giant has started showing updates to uses all across the globe in their apps informing the users about the change. “Effective October 1, 2020, section 3.2 of our Terms of Service will be updated to include: We also can remove or restrict access to your content, services or information if we determine that doing so is reasonably necessary to avoid or mitigate adverse legal or regulatory impacts to Facebook,” Facebook says in the message notifying the users.

Facebook Notification
Here is the notification that Facebook is showing its users.

Notably, this tiny change will not affect the day-to-day usage of the app for most users. However, if you share content that contains fake news or contain violence or violates its community standards, Facebook can remove the post at its discretion.

Notably, this change will be made shortly before the US Presidential Elections 2020 that are scheduled to take place on November 3.

It also comes shortly after the tech giant flashed a warning to its users in Australia warning them that it would prevent them from sharing local and international news if the country enforces the draft legislation that would force the tech companies for the media content that publishers share on their platform.

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