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Halo Infinite has released a new map: Streets. A multiplayer scenario that will take you to the heart of New Mombasa to fight through its alleys.

New Mombasa was a major port city and industrial center on Mombasa Island in south Kenya, in the East African Protectorate on Earth. A dominant feature of the city skyline was the Mombasa Tether, located on the mouth of the river north of the island. Old Mombasa surrounded the metropolis on all sides of the mainland.

According to IGN the map is full of details. Multiple references to the figure of the Master Chief are represented by the walls, as well as retro game booths, advertising, and much.


On October 20, 2552, the High Prophet of Regret arrived in the Sol system with a small Covenant fleet. Regret’s flagship, Solemn Penance, quickly broke through Earth’s orbital defenses and initiated a ground assault on New Mombasa to seize control of a Forerunner artifact buried beneath the city. UNSC forces from Diego Garcia and the Master Chief were immediately deployed ground-side in an effort to stop the Prophet. In addition, as the Solemn Penance hovered above the city, an ODST task force prepared to drop onto the vessel and seize it in a boarding action.

Before either party could complete their mission, Regret leveraged the newly discovered location of Delta Halo as an escape vector, and Solemn Penance made a sudden slipspace jump near the city. The slipspace rupture created a massive crater to the northeast of the city, sheared apart the orbital elevator, and unleashing a shockwave that caused extensive damage to the city. Soon after, the Covenant fleet arrived in force and began to glass the city in order to uncover the nearby Forerunner portal structure.

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Halo Infinite, heading to market

Halo Infinite is almost a month away from commercialization. The Master Chief will debut in the new generation next December 8 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC. These last weeks have been relevant for those responsible. Finally 343 Industries has published material about the campaign, which you can see at the top of this news. The open-world merges with the usual main missions, including some new mechanics in the series. Among these is the ability to add special abilities to John-117’s arsenal.


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