Files By Google is the Best File Manager for Android

Are you looking for a file manager? Files by Google is a file management app for file browsing, media consumption, storage clean-up, and offline file transfer released by Google on December 5, 2017.

I have been using the app for the last couple of years and I can confidently say this is the best file manager out there that I have used. It is feature-rich, takes less than 10MB of storage on your phone, and contains no malware or bloatware to affect your phone’s performance.

Files By Google Features

Free up space

With Files by Google, you can free up space by deleting old photos and memes which the app AI automatically identifies from chat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, and even clearing your cache automatically

Manage Storage

Users can use Files to see how much free space is left on your phone and SD card, they can also easily transfer files to an SD card to free up the phone’s storage, right from the app. Users can also use the integrated file cleaner to get more space on the phone.


Search For Files

You can save a lot of time looking for photos, videos, and documents on your phone using files. The app uses filters rather than folders so your stuff is organized more intuitively.

Share Files

You don’t need a separate Xender app to share your pictures, videos, documents, or apps. When sharing files with others nearby who also have the Files app you get fast file transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps for free, and it works without an internet connection, so it doesn’t silently use your mobile data.

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Files’ offline file sharing is secured with WPA2 encryption, providing a more secure file transfer. Files app uses Bluetooth to set up an encrypted and direct fast wifi connection so that you can transfer apps (APK) or large files in seconds, send videos or pictures to your friends. Safe and secure.

Google's Files Go App Now Offers 4x Data Transfer Speed, Enhanced Security

Safe Folder

Files by Google gives you a safe folder where you can hide files and control access with a PIN.

Files by Google rolling out PIN-encrypted 'Safe Folder' - 9to5Google

Integration With Google Drive

The files app gives you integration with Google Drive so you can back up your files to the cloud. You can also choose your preferred cloud storage app.

Download the app here


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