“I am not fearless, but I promise you one thing, I WILL BE FEARED”

After playing a few Far Cry games, the storylines and predictability became too much, I wasn’t even looking forward to the new Far Cry 6, however, after having a good feel of the game, it is another much welcome distraction from my already boring life.

For over a decade, I have kept to myself, just myself. I practice the religion of solitude, so when I could finally afford to buy and play these games I did, what else was I going to do? I liked immersing myself in the tropical world from Ubisoft, learning about Joseph, getting mauled by all kinds of animals, it kept me going.

The latest installment took me to Yara, a new fictional island with colonial architecture, classic cars, and sanctions. The island is led by Antón Castillo (Read Breaking Bad villain Giancarlo Esposito), who has enslaved people and rules with terror and blood. Enter me, Dani Rojas, I play as a guerrilla to liberate their island.

It feels good to finally get out of the house…

The map is beautiful, it’s a huge open-world map waiting to be methodically conquered, the controls and feel of the game feels just like any other Far Cry series, I am a strong believer of don’t fix what’s not broken so no complaints.

I won’t tell you about the stories and missions, or all the rules Juan Cortez lives by, (he won’t shut up about it) but you will enjoy the gear-based special abilities, ammo types, armored backpacks, weapons, and amusing animal companions like Guapo.

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Far Cry 6 presents you with a deluge of choices. Do you want to quietly dispatch enemies with a silenced rifle, or run in and harpoon everyone in sight? Launch missiles from your backpack (accidentally kill loads of horses with it? No? That’s just me?) or send in your killer crocodile?

The game has insane customization available, from weapons to gear. The crafting mechanism is also pretty cool. When you get tired of killing people,  you can go fishing, track some mythical animals, or take on a treasure hunt. There’s a lot on offer, speaking of which, let me get back to it.

Also, I need friends, say hi.


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