First Look at Lenasi Cloud Website Hosting

For developers, bloggers, and small business owners learning how to choose the right web host is very crucial as this will likely make or break your business. Today we take a look at Lenasi Cloud Hosting.

When done right, you can spend the rest of your hosting life stress-free due to the reliable and high-performing host who is always available through phone, chat, or email to answer your problems.

However, rushing into a hosting relationship without doing your research (as I have learned the painful and hard way) will leave you feeling trapped and even extorted. Choosing the wrong host often ends with headaches and a messy, expensive divorce.

What I’ve Learnt 

Price is the first thing we all look at with the now harder economic times we are all facing due to Covid-19, support, storage, and performance are next in line as this determines the success of your website. Other differentiators include eCommerce offerings and free domain options, along with perks like advertising credits, a website builder, and upgraded hardware.


After a painful toxic relationship for the last couple of months with my first host, I set out to look for a better option. I asked on my social media (follow me ;)) and one renowned developer suggested Lenasi Cloud Hosting, so I decided to test them out.

After a seamless domain and host transfer, I can now share my first feel of the hosting services they offer.

Hosting Plans

First things first, the price. On Lenasi, depending on the magnitude of your business, you get three very affordable pricing options dubbed Baby Bear, Papa Bear, and Mama Bear from the cheapest to the most premium offer respectively.

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From as low as Sh2000 annually you can get yourself 3 websites and 50GB Cloud storage and No Limits cPanel Web Hosting with Lenasi boasting of 24/7 support. Check out the full hosting plans here.


My main problem with my last host was downtime. My email was full of downtime reports from Jetpack with customer care tickets becoming a regular part of my day. Lenasi takes pride in their 100pc uptime platform and I have not once experienced a moment Techspaceke wasn’t live. You can confirm for yourself here 

With better load speeds and hosting. Techspaceke has been listed as one of the Top 100 Tech News Websites for Technology Enthusiasts in 2020.

While my relationship with Lenasi has just started and is still in the honeymoon stage, I can’t wait to write a full review of my whole experience.

If you’re looking for a host, You should definitely Consider Lenasi Cloud Hosting.

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