The leading payments technology company in Africa, Flutterwave, has recently partnered with SHiiP, a courier service provider in Nigeria. This collaboration aims to enhance delivery services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale merchants on the Flutterwave Store across the African continent. The partnership is a significant step towards providing a seamless end-to-end e-commerce experience for small business entrepreneurs who use the Flutterwave Store.

Flutterwave is a payments technology company that provides a platform for businesses and individuals to make and receive payments across borders. The company’s flagship product, the Flutterwave Store, is an e-commerce platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to set up their online stores, upload products, and receive payments from customers.

SHiiP, on the other hand, is a courier service provider that offers logistics and delivery services for businesses and individuals. The company provides a range of courier options for both domestic and international deliveries, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, Flocargo, Shippo, and Flo Express.

Seamless Logistics Integration

The new partnership between Flutterwave and SHiiP is aimed at providing SMEs and large-scale merchants on the Flutterwave Store with seamless logistics integration. With this integration, Flutterwave merchants can now select from a range of over 80 domestic and international couriers, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, Flocargo, Shippo, and Flo Express, for the transportation of goods.

By empowering SMEs with this logistics integration, the partnership will eliminate cross-border logistical challenges associated with international shipping. The integration will be handled exclusively by SHiiP and their international couriers, enabling merchants to successfully ship internationally.

Smooth Transaction Checkout

Flutterwave merchants can now benefit from the seamless transaction checkout that comes with the SHiiP integration. Additionally, the integration will allow SME owners within Nigeria to have control over organizing and tracking delivery couriers directly from their Flutterwave dashboard, all without the hassles they were previously faced with.

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The vast number of couriers also means that it is easier and quicker to fulfill orders, as there is a reduced risk of limited delivery options.

The Flutterwave Store

The Flutterwave Store has helped so many small businesses grow and connect, particularly since the pandemic back in 2020. Business owners who do not have access to creating a website or the complexities associated with running a business were handed a useful solution with Store.

The store offers several useful features, such as seamless product uploading, fast and easy checkout, multiple payment methods, discounts, and product variation settings.

The Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership with SHiiP is a game-changer for merchants, freeing up their time and resources to focus on growth and sales. Flutterwave and SHiiP’s integration will provide SMEs and online shoppers with a smooth transaction checkout and enable merchants to successfully ship internationally.

The benefits of this integration will be immensely valuable to customer satisfaction and the bottom line, continuing to provide merchants with innovative technological tools that are designed to help grow their business.

Ridwan Rasheed, Co-Founder, COO & Head of Products, SHiiP, said, “We are thrilled about our partnership with Flutterwave. It is a significant milestone for both companies and represents our commitment to driving innovation and enabling the growth of African businesses through seamless shipping options.”

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