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While other companies continue to go big on foldable devices, reports suggest OPPO and Vivo are not going to release any more foldables, at least in 2024.

These rumors, based on a South Korean publication, come amidst rising competition from Samsung and speculation about rollable display technology on the horizon.

Reasons for Retreat:

  • Market Share Squeeze: Both Oppo and Vivo entered the foldable phone market later than Samsung, and their market share has reportedly been declining rather than growing.
  • High Costs, Limited Appeal: Foldable phones remain expensive to produce, and their unconventional form factor may not have garnered widespread consumer adoption as anticipated.
  • Shifting Focus: Oppo and Vivo may be prioritizing resources towards other areas like rollable displays, which offer a different take on flexible phone technology.

Oppo and Vivo haven’t officially confirmed their withdrawal. However, this news raises questions about the immediate future of the foldable phone market. The lack of a new foldable from OPPO may also mean we will not see the Oneplus Open 2 this year.

OnePlus Open - OnePlus (United States)

Samsung, the current leader in foldable phones, is reportedly developing even more advanced models like tri-foldable displays. Their continued investment suggests a belief in the long-term potential of foldable technology.

While OPPO and Vivo might be taking a step back, other manufacturers may step in. The foldable phone market remains young, and advancements in technology and affordability could reignite consumer interest.

OPPO and Vivo’s potential withdrawal highlights the challenges faced by foldable phones. However, it’s too early to write the foldable phone story off. Continued innovation and market shifts might yet solidify their place in the mobile landscape.

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