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Food Masters: Taste Of Taiwan Premieres on Discovery on December 7

Taiwan’s cuisine experts, chefs, and food providers spearhead the island’s culinary self-exploration and representation of the global food scene

  • Discovery Network and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan), present a compelling TV special that explores Taiwan’s rich and diverse culinary landscape.
  • The hour-long show captures the tradition and innovation shaping Taiwan’s culinary identity, including Michelin-starred establishments like Mountain & Sea, Din Tai Fung and RAW.
  • Explore lively night markets like Huaxi Street and iconic eateries to understand Taiwan’s street food culture.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 30 November 2023 – Discovery, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan), presents Food Masters: Taste of Taiwan, which premieres on Discovery on December 7 at 7:10 pm on Asian Food Network, December 11 at 8 pm.

On a quest to discover Taiwan’s culinary identity, Food Masters: Taste of Taiwan explores a revolutionary journey led by food experts, farmers, and Michelin-starred chefs. From the high-end kitchens to the bustling night markets, the show captures the essence of Taiwanese cuisine, redefining traditional flavours and presenting them to the world.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan), Food Masters: Taste of Taiwan shares the stories that make Taiwanese cuisine a vibrant experience for audiences worldwide.

To uncover the uniqueness of Taiwan’s cuisine, chefs present traditional flavours with innovative twists, marrying the island’s abundant ingredients and diverse culture.

The show unfolds the stories of culinary pioneers like Chef Leo Tsai, whose Mountain & Sea restaurant seamlessly combines tradition with modern awareness. The forgotten opulence of Taiwanese fine dining in the 1930s is resurrected and passed down through the ages. Achieving a Michelin Green star, the restaurant’s exclusive use of sustainable ingredients shows its dedication to promoting organic cuisine. On top of capturing the human connection and emotion found in Taiwanese cuisine, Mountain & Sea masterfully blends organics, sustainability, and delectability, setting an exceptional standard in the culinary world.

Din Tai Fung, born in 1958 and globally renowned for its labour-intensive, meticulously crafted Xiao Long Bao, embodies simplicity and authenticity while mentoring artisans worldwide. According to Shawn Yang, Chief Strategy Officer: “Customers come to restaurants looking for that familiar taste. How do you satisfy them and put out the same Xiao Long Bao every day, every year, every decade?” Maintaining precision to the thousandth of a gram is crucial to upholding quality standards, with the Xiao Long Bao weighing 21 grams and allowing only a tolerance of ± 0.4 grams. Din Tai Fung’s kitchen also enforces the “golden 18 folds” requirement. The mentorship system is the foundation to ensure consistent quality across the brand’s 177 global branches. Through selfless knowledge transfer, Din Tai Fung establishes a constant culinary taste and warm service, capturing the hearts and palates of gourmets worldwide.

RAW, led by Chef Andre Chiang, champions sourcing local ingredients and infusing Taiwanese flavours with Western techniques for sustainable and inclusive cuisine. Chef Chiang’s original intention was for everything that customers eat to have a connection to the culture, sparking a trend in the local fine dining industry to value local ingredients. Guiding a team of young Taiwanese chefs, Chef Chiang actively seeks and utilizes lesser-known local ingredients, presenting to the world the essence of New Taiwan Flavor.

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Nestled in the mountains, Chef Alex Peng’s high-end restaurant AKAME changes its menu daily based on local produce and offers livelihood opportunities for indigenous communities. From the Rukai tribe with a vision in mind, Chef Peng established this restaurant to provide young indigenous individuals a chance to reconnect with their roots while inviting others to explore the culture up in the mountains. The name “AKAME,” meaning “to grill,” pays homage to Chef Peng’s indigenous cooking techniques, showcasing these flavours globally through his delectable dishes. He continuously seeks local ingredients, exploring their diverse possibilities—examples are using locally produced milk to craft millet wine cheese and Mapo cheese and sourcing cocoa from neighbouring tribes to concoct an indulgent chocolate sauce for churros.

The show also explores Taiwan’s vibrant street food scene, from the bustling night markets to traditional breakfast eateries. Huaxi Street, situated in the central area of Wanhua in Taipei, preserves tradition with consistent flavours that firmly hold onto the island’s culinary identity. Wang’s Broth adds a contemporary twist to the renowned braised pork rice, exemplifying Taiwan’s street food spirit. Soft Power, under Avon Hsu, connects young customers to the traditional Taiwanese breakfast with an innovative crispy layered egg pancake.

Taiwanese cuisine is defined by friendliness, warmth, and a dynamic blend of cultures and flavours. Food Masters: Taste of Taiwan captures the heart and soul of Taiwan, where every bite holds a story of tradition, ingenuity and cultural richness.

Food Masters: Taste of Taiwan was produced by Volos Films Ltd. for Warner Bros. Discovery.

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