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Food tech startup Natural Trace appoints Singaporean CEO

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 19 October 2022 – Food tech startup, Natural Trace, names Singaporean venture builder CL Goh as their CEO. Goh, an early investor through Blue InCube Ventures in the company, will continue to work with co-founders, Dr Chantal Roth and Prof. Lukas Muller, as they focus on research and development. The company is also looking to build and expand their Singapore team.

“I look forward to leading and supporting the Natural Trace team in its mission to solve traditional food traceability and provenance issues with in-product tagging technology,” said CL Goh, CEO and Co-Founder of Natural Trace.

Natural Trace’s technology proven to be robust through rigorous testing

Just four months after the company’s launch in June 2022, Natural Trace has successfully verified the robustness of its first product, NaturalTag. This patented food-grade microbial identifier can be added to any food product for supply chain traceability. Two species of the NaturalTag have been proven to be capable of withstanding the high-pressure, high temperatures of up to 220°C, and highly aggressive process of coffee bean roasting. The product can now offer producers, roasters, and sellers around the world a tamper-proof traceability solution along the entire coffee value chain.

“This positive result with coffee beans adds to NaturalTag’s growing repertoire of successful proofs of concept. We are in discussions with a winery in New Zealand and a honey farm in Canada to incorporate NaturalTag into their products,” added Goh. “Our tests with vanilla extract and palm oil have also shown great success and we are excited to work with more growers and companies in implementing this solution for other food products.”

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Natural Trace to participate in Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2022

Goh will be speaking as a panellist on the future of food safety and supply chain traceability at the Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia 2022, held from 26-28 October in Singapore. The panel will explore the different elements of the digital ecosystems that drive its food safety outcomes. Natural Trace will be presenting NaturalTag and its solution ecosystem that aims to tackle food safety, provenance, and traceability as an exhibitor at the Expo.

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About Natural Trace

Natural Trace was founded by Dr Chantal Roth and Prof Lukas Muller in 2022 through a convergence of food science, bioinformatics and DNA sequencing expertise. Backed by experienced veterans in the food industry, the company developed NaturalTag, the world’s first food-safe in-product tag solution, to assure traceability and transparency at every step of the supply chain. NaturalTag works with a cloud-based database for consumers to quickly access information on the ingredients’ origins.

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