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Google today announced several new features and updates to its search engine that are designed to help users control their personal information and privacy.

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of a new dashboard that will allow users to see if their personal contact information, such as their phone number, home address, or email address, is appearing in search results. If a user finds their contact information in search results, they can then request that Google remove it. Google will also notify users if new results containing their contact information appear in search results.

Animation showing Results about you tool

Another new feature is the ability to blur explicit imagery by default in search results. This will help protect users, especially children, from inadvertently encountering explicit content. Users can still choose to view explicit content if they choose, but the new default setting will provide an extra layer of protection.

Image showing SafeSearch blurring tool on mobile web

Finally, Google is also updating its policies on personal explicit images. Now, users will be able to request the removal of any of their personal, explicit images from search results, even if they were originally published on a website that is no longer live.

These new features and updates are part of Google’s ongoing commitment to making its search engine the safest way to search. By giving users more control over their personal information and privacy, Google is helping to create a more secure and safe online experience for everyone.

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