Google Assistant Now Lets you Control Third Party Apps With Voice

google assistant

Android users, voice commands are about to get a lot smarter. Google just announced that the Assistant will soon be able to search and control your third-party apps when you ask it to. So when you ask for the news on Twitter, you’ll see the latest trending tweets instead of a random account.

Google says Assistant will first work with the top 30 apps on the Play Store, with support for more coming soon.

The apps will have to be already installed on your phone for the Assistant to be able to pull up results directly within them.

For instance, I asked my Google assistant to “send a message on Twitter,” and the Assistant brought up the app’s compose page, letting me select my recipient.

Asking the assistant to search for a keyword on Twitter also works.

The feature will work on all Assistant-enabled Android phones and works with apps like Twitter, Snapchat, MyFitnessPal, Discord, Nike Run Club, and more.

These new features will make Assistant a much more powerful digital helper, they also make hands-free navigation easier.

It could also help those who are visually impaired or are suffering from arthritis, offering them an alternative way to interact with their apps.

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