Google Finder: Android Phones to Gain Support for Bluetooth Trackers

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As Google’s Finder Network approaches its launch, reports show that the feature will give Android phones support for existing Bluetooth trackers. Google’s Finder Network is set to be a counterpart to Apple’s Find My ecosystem and will allow users to locate lost phones, Bluetooth tags, and other devices with built-in locator support.

The Partnership between Apple and Google

Apple and Google recently announced their partnership to develop an industry standard for alerting people to unwanted locator tags. This effort should significantly reduce the risk of stalking by way of AirTags and other Bluetooth trackers.

While Apple has an extensive ecosystem for locating gadgets, between its own AirTags and support for third-party options, Google distinctly does not. It makes sense for Apple and Google to be involved in this project, being the developers of the two leading mobile operating systems, iOS, and Android.

The Development of Google’s Finder Network

Google’s Finder Network is a long overdue equivalent to Apple’s Find My ecosystem, and it expands on simply finding lost phones to enable locating Bluetooth tags and devices that have built-in locator support. It’s also believed that the Finder Network will be able to use the Ultra Wideband (UWB) connectivity to precisely locate a missing phone or tracker.

The Finder Network is expected to be part of the Nest ecosystem, and Google is reportedly working on its own Bluetooth tracker tag, codenamed “Grogu.” However, little is known about this official tracker other than that it’s part of the Nest ecosystem rather than any kind of “Pixel Tag.”

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Android’s Finder Network will support several Bluetooth trackers from different companies. According to documentation viewed by 9to5Google, at least three companies began working to make their tags compatible with the Finder Network.

These companies include Pebblebee, eufy, and Chipolo, and their Bluetooth trackers are set to be supported by Android. Today, trackers from all of these companies are able to seamlessly integrate with Apple’s Find My, while Android owners need to use a dedicated app to locate the gadgets. With the Finder Network, these devices will work without needing a companion app.

Supported Bluetooth Trackers

The following Bluetooth trackers are set to be supported by Android’s Finder Network:


  • Chipolo ONE
  • Chipolo CARD


  • eufy Security SmartTrack


  • Pebblebee Card
  • Pebblebee Clip

Notably, Samsung and Tile, two of the most prominent tracker makers, are not yet confirmed to be part of the Finder Network. It’s also no surprise that Apple’s AirTags will not be supported. Despite the lack of compatibility, Android’s upcoming alerts should still notify users if any unsupported trackers are on their person.

Source: 9to5Google

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