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Google has introduced eSignatures for Google Docs, following the positive results of the alpha testing initiated in June 2022. This feature is now entering an open beta phase for Google Workspace Individual subscribers, and it will also be available in beta for specific Google Workspace customers.

How eSignatures for Google Docs Work

Google Docs now include a built-in eSignature feature that allows you to effortlessly request and incorporate signatures into official contracts directly within the document itself. This feature provides the following advantages:

  • Convenience: Users can conveniently request signatures, keep track of pending signatures, and access completed contracts—all from within Google Docs.
  • Streamlined workflow: The eSignature function streamlines the process of signing official contracts directly from Google Drive. This eliminates the need for users to switch between different applications or tabs.
  • Template support: With the ability to generate a duplicate of the contract for each signature request, users can utilize documents as templates and initiate multiple eSignature requests.

Upcoming eSignature Enhancements

Google is planning to introduce various eSignature enhancements in the future, including:

  • Audit trail: An audit trail report will automatically accompany completed contracts, offering transparency and accountability.
  • Multiple signers: The ability to request signatures from multiple users, ideal for documents requiring multiple approvals.
  • Non-Gmail users: Enabling eSignature requests for non-Gmail users, broadening the scope of usability.
  • PDF files: Initiating eSignatures for PDF files stored in Drive, enhancing convenience.

How to Get Started with eSignatures for Google Docs

If you are a Google Workspace Individual subscriber or a customer using one of the eligible Google Workspace plans, you can sign up for the eSignature beta program. Once you are enrolled in the beta, you will be able to start using eSignatures in Google Docs.

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To request a signature, simply open the document that you want to sign and click on the “Request Signature” button. You can then select the users who you want to sign the document and add any instructions or notes. The recipients will receive an email with a link to the document and instructions on how to sign it.

Once the signatures have been collected, the document will be marked as completed and you will be notified. You can then access the completed document from within Google Docs.

eSignatures for Google Docs is a powerful new feature that can help businesses streamline the process of signing contracts and other official documents. If you are looking for a more efficient way to manage your paperwork, eSignatures are definitely worth considering.

Source: Google

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