Yesterday, Google announced that it has completed a global rollout of RCS on Google Messages and at the same time, in order to address one of the biggest criticisms of the new feature announced that Google Messages will soon start testing end-to-end encryption in one-to-one conversations.

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RCS, or Rich Communication Services, allows for advanced messaging features like typing indicators, read receipts, higher-resolution photos and videos, larger group conversations, and interactive experiences with businesses over a data or wifi connection.

RCS is essentially the firm’s answer to provide iMessage features to android without using third-party apps like Whatsapp.

We recognize that your conversations are private and it’s our responsibility to keep your personal information safe. We’re continually improving security protections to safeguard your privacy…

With the new E2EE, the contents of a message cannot be read by Google or other third-parties during exchanges between the sender and receiver. Google is using the Signal Protocol.

If the E2EEis active, a lock icon appears in the “Chatting with” banner, timestamps, and on the send button.

End-to-end encryption in Messages will start rolling out this month in a process that will continue into next year.

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