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Google is taking more and more steps in providing customers with a variety of safety and privacy features. Similar to Apple’s Nutrition Labels on the App Store, Google plays new privacy feature will tell users what data is collected by apps.

Google now requires app developers to tell users how their data is gathered by their apps. The feature was earlier scheduled to launch in February of this year. The area generally displays information on whether or not an app collects user data and for what reason, as well as whether or not the app adheres to Google Play’s Families Policy. It also clarifies whether or not user information is shared with third parties. It also emphasizes the safety steps used by app developers to protect user data.

In a blog post, Google says that simply presenting the data collected by the app is insufficient and that more information is required. That is why “it built the Data safety section to allow developers to clearly designate what data is being gathered and for what purpose it is being used,” according to the company. Users can also see whether the app requires this data in order to work or whether it is optional.”

This is analogous to the App Store’s privacy labels, which were introduced with iOS 14. These also give users similar information about other iOS apps.

Android 12 has been monumental in providing privacy features, from the Privacy Dashboard, camera/mic indicators, and other privacy-focused features, to the new Data Safety section.

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By July 2022, Google will make it essential for developers to fill out this area. If the app’s data-handling procedures or functionality change, the new section should be updated as well.

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