In a move reflecting its multimodal AI model’s capabilities, Google announced today the rebranding of its Bard and Duet AI services to Gemini. This change signifies a focus on advanced features and a unified user experience across platforms.

Previously separate, Bard and Duet AI now become Gemini, offering users a single point of access for their AI needs. This simplifies interaction and leverages the power of Google’s multimodal AI model for a more comprehensive experience.

To further improve accessibility, Google has launched a dedicated Gemini Android app. This allows users to interact with the AI assistant on the go, with an iOS version planned for future release.

Gemini Pro

A premium tier, Gemini Pro, adds a layer of sophistication. Users gain access to extended conversations, complex task handling like coding and logical reasoning, and even collaborative creative projects.

Gemini Pro expands its reach, bringing AI-powered image generation to Nigerian users. This allows them to explore the boundaries of creative expression through AI technology.

Gemini introduces a conversational overlay that displays real-time suggestions and information directly on users’ screens. This contextual assistance enhances understanding and streamlines workflows.

Users can set Gemini as their default assistant, accessing familiar features like calls and timers previously provided by Google Assistant. Further integration with Assistant capabilities is planned for the future.

The initial English-language launch in the US paves the way for a wider rollout, with plans to expand to more languages and locations, including Japanese and Korean.

Powering Gemini is Google’s Ultra 1.0 model, its most advanced AI technology to date. This enables deeper conversations, tackles complex tasks, and fuels creative collaboration.

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Access to Gemini Pro requires a subscription to the new Google One AI Premium Plan, priced at $20 per month. This plan includes additional benefits like increased storage and a VPN service.

Google emphasizes its commitment to addressing bias and harmful content through rigorous testing and refinement of its AI models, including Gemini.

This rebranding and feature expansion position Gemini as a potential leader in the AI assistant space. Its focus on advanced capabilities, user experience, and accessibility across platforms could attract individuals and businesses seeking a versatile and powerful AI companion.

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