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Google has announced that it will be blurring explicit images by default in Google Search results. This new feature is designed to make Google Search safer for everyone, especially children.

The new feature will automatically blur images that are sexually explicit, contain graphic violence, or have sensitive or inappropriate content of a similar nature. This will apply to all Google accounts, even if they are being used in incognito mode.

Users who want to see explicit images will still be able to do so by turning off SafeSearch. However, the default setting will be to blur explicit images, which Google believes will make Google Search a safer experience for everyone.

This is a welcome change from Google, and it is one that is long overdue. In today’s world, it is more important than ever to protect children from harmful content. This new feature will help to do that, and it is a step in the right direction.

In addition to making Google Search safer for children, the new SafeSearch feature will also benefit adults who are not comfortable with explicit content. This includes people who are at work, people who are in public, and people who simply do not want to see explicit content.

The new SafeSearch feature is a win-win for everyone. It makes Google Search safer for children, and it makes it more comfortable for adults who do not want to see explicit content. I applaud Google for making this change, and I encourage everyone to use it.

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