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Remember Task Mate? The app from Google that rewards users for completing small tasks in their local currency? Well, the Alphabet-owned company has announced it will kill the app come December 30th

In October of last year, Google launched TaskMate in Kenya, a crowdsourcing app that let people use smartphones to do tasks and get paid, tapping the growing gig economy.

The tech giant rolled out the beta version after a year-long experiment in the East African country with plans to introduce it to other countries across the continent. This has not happened, instead, the multi-billion dollar company has issued a statement announcing the closure of the program

“Task Mate is undergoing changes, and public tasks will no longer be available after December 24, 2022. Don’t forget to check and ensure your payment details are correct, as your earnings will be automatically transferred to your linked payment account on December 30, 2022.” The statement seen by Techspace Africa reads.

According to Google, users will not be able to see, reserve, or complete public
tasks in the Task Mate app from December 24th. By December 26th, all tasks pending review will be completed and December 29th will be the last day to cash out your earnings balance, otherwise, Google will automatically transfer your balance to the payment account linked.

It is uncertain why Google has decided to close the program, however, at this point, it seems the move is not permanent with Google saying:

“When Task Mate started, it was a program to test the best ways to allow requesters to access more diverse and representative user groups and enable taskers to earn. Task Mate is about to end its current test, and will test other ways to support requesters and taskers in the future.”

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