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Google is planning to revolutionize its advertising business by using generative AI to create new campaigns on an automated basis. The Financial Times reports that Google has an internal presentation that shows its intention to use AI to create new advertisements that draw from those already created by humans.

Google is already using AI to create simple phrases to entice customers with its ads. However, this new development takes it to a new level by using the same AI system that powers its AI writer and ChatGPT rival, Bard.

Generative AI ‘Remixing’

Advertisers will only need to supply limited material as jumping-off points, such as text, images, and videos, and the AI will then take care of the rest, constructing complete ads in numerous variations to target specific markets or goals. The generative AI will form part of Performance Max, which Google launched in 2020 to make ad copy, determine its budget, and where it goes using an algorithm.

The FT report also claims that a person familiar with the presentation expressed concerns that the new generative AI could lead to the spread of misinformation, given AI chatbots’ propensity to state falsehoods in a confident manner. This concern is not unfounded, as we have seen this happen with ChatGPT, and Google’s own Bard could be at risk.

Google told the publication that it plans to “put firm guardrails in place to prevent such errors” as the AI rolls out within the upcoming months. This development is the latest in a long line of stories of big tech developing and integrating their own AI systems.

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AI Systems by Other Tech Companies

Microsoft, which has invested heavily in ChatGPT, is appropriating its models to use in virtually all its mainline services. The news comes as the ad industry faces difficult times, with businesses tightening their belts and privacy policies hampering their use of personal data. Google’s own ad business lost 4% in revenue in Q4 last year.

The use of generative AI in advertising could have far-reaching implications for the industry. On one hand, it could help advertisers create highly personalized and targeted ads, leading to more conversions and sales. On the other hand, there is a risk of spreading misinformation, as well as job losses in the advertising industry.

Despite the concerns, Google and other tech giants are moving forward with developing their own AI systems. It remains to be seen how the use of generative AI will affect the advertising industry in the long run.

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