Google Year in Search: EPL, Coronavirus, Here’s what Kenyans searched for the Most in 2020

2020 is almost over and Google has shared a list of top trends that Kenyans searched for over the course of the last 12 months.

Google stated that the trending search terms this year were dominated by the obvious concern around the global pandemic, with a surge in questions about Coronavirus.

Kenyans searched for the English Premier League and the U.S. elections the most in 2020.

“The 2020 Year in Search lists not only reveal the most popular trends from the past 12 months, but also give insight into the biggest events in the news, politics, sports, entertainment and popular lockdown trends. As people continue to look for information in new and different ways, Google Search keeps evolving to make the world’s information accessible and useful to all,” said Dorothy Ooko, Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Africa.

After President Uhuru Kenyatta closed schools after the first coronavirus case was reported in Kenya, people were keen to know the reopening dates for schools, making it among the top trending search queries.

Kenyans were also shaken by the sudden demise of some celebrities with most searching to learn more about the deaths of Papa Shirandula, Kobe Bryant and former president Daniel Moi.

Exiled Miguna Miguna was the top searched local personality followed by Babu Owino after his controversial shooting of a DJ in Nairobi.

Interestingly, a lot of Kenyans don’t know how to open a pdf document with the search query coming in second after how to file returns in the general “how-to” queries category.

Also more interestingly “What is Cessation of movement” did not make it to the list, did you search for it?

Here is what Kenyans were searching for on Google in 2020

Top 10 Trending General Queries
1. English Premier League
2. US elections
3. Thank you coronavirus helpers
4. Coronavirus in Kenya
5. Schools reopening in Kenya
6. Tanzania coronavirus
7. Boris Johnson
8. Coronavirus in Italy
9. Waiguru impeachment
10. London marathon

Top 10 Trending Local Personalities
1. Miguna Miguna
2. Babu Owino
3. Raphael Tuju
4. Joan Kubai
5. Mutahi Kagwe
6. Oscar Sudi
7. Mercy Mwangangi
8. Willis Raburu
9. Moses Kuria
10. George Magoha

Top 10 Trending Global Personalities
1. Joe Biden
2. Kim Jong-Un
3. Kamala Harris
4. Boris Johnson
5. Mike Oliver
6. Prince Charles
7. Felicien Kabuga
8. John Magufuli
9. Mikel Arteta
10. Jack Ma

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Top 10 Trending Losses
1. Papa Shirandula
2. Kobe Bryant
3. Former President Daniel Moi
4. Ken Walibora
5. Kenny Rogers
6. Chadwick Boseman
7. Papa Dennis
8. Naya Rivera
9. George Floyd
10. Tecra Muigai

Top 10 Trending Health Queries
1. Coronavirus
2. Quarantine
3. Dexamethasone
4. Pfizer
5. Vitamin C
7. Chloroquine
8. Asymptomatic
9. Sanitiser
10. Ventilator

Top 10 Trending Movies & TV Shows
1. Money Heist
2. Maria
3. Ringo
4. Extraction
5. Contagion
6. Blood and Water
7. Nazar
8. Raised by wolves
9. The Witcher
10. Cursed

Top 10 Trending Sports Queries
1. English Premier League
2. UEFA Champions League
3. Serie A League
4. Europa League
5. La Liga
6. Bruno Fernandes
7. FA Cup
8. NBA
9. Willian Borges
10. Kai Havertz

Top 10 Trending General “How to” Queries
1. How to file nil returns
2. How to open a pdf file
3. How to check NHIF status
4. How to write a report
5. How to play chess
6. How to style braids
7. How to register a company in Kenya
8. How to clear from CRB
9. How to download music
10. How to plant onions

Top 10 Trending Tech “How to” Queries
1. How to fill Tpad online
2. How to create a website
3. How to connect a phone to TV
4. How to make my electric plate cooker work
5. How to take a screenshot on a laptop
6. How to create a Paypal account
7. How to open bin file
8. How to create a YouTube channel
9. How to save photos on Google
10. How to create an email account

Top 10 Trending “What is” Queries
1. What is Coronavirus
2. What is Curfew
3. What is happening in Nigeria
4. What is Halloween
5. What is fever
6. What is BBI
7. What is my IP
8. What is entanglement
9. What is hantavirus
10. What is quarantine

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