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Curious about Google’s Gemini AI chatbot? Select lucky users can experience it firsthand as it integrates with Google Messages. Currently limited to beta testers on supported devices, Gemini offers a glimpse into the future of AI-enhanced texting.

What is Gemini AI?

Gemini is Google’s advanced language model, trained to be informative and comprehensive. It can understand and generate human-like text, enabling it to draft messages, help with planning, offer creative suggestions, and even provide summaries.

Who Can Access Gemini in Messages

Right now, access is limited. You’ll need:

  • Supported Device (Pixel 6 or later, specific Samsung models)
  • Google Messages Beta Tester status
  • RCS chats turned on
  • A personal Google Account (not managed by Family Link or Workspace)
  • Device language set to English (worldwide) or French (Canada only)

How to Get Started with Gemini in Messages

  1. Open Google Messages.
  2. Look for the chat with Gemini or tap “Start chat -> Gemini”.
  3. Follow any first-time instructions.
  4. Type your question or request into the chat.
  5. Tap “Send message”

Things to Try

  • “Help me draft a short message to reconnect with a friend.”
  • “Suggest a manageable 3-course vegetarian dinner menu.”
  • “Give me conversation starters for a social event where I don’t know many people.”

Remember, Gemini in Messages isn’t end-to-end encrypted. Google is still actively developing this feature, so expect continuous improvement.

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