Google has released three experimental AI tools to the public: Imagen, MusicLM, and TextFX. These tools allow users to generate images, music, and text using text prompts and other inputs.

What are the tools? 

On Thursday, Google announced a series of AI updates. The biggest highlights were in the image-generating space, including a brand new image generator, as well as the ability to generate images in Bard.

  • ImageFX: Generates images based on textual descriptions. For example, you could describe a “photorealistic image of a cat wearing a hat” and ImageFX would attempt to create it.
  • MusicFX: Composes music based on text prompts. You could describe “a calming piece in the style of Chopin”  and MusicFX would create a corresponding song.
  • TextFX: Generates text of various formats, including poems, scripts, code, etc. You could provide a starting sentence or topic, and TextFX would try to complete it according to your specific style or tone.

How to access and use the tools like ImageFX:

  1. Visit Google AI Test Kitchen: Google AI Test Kitchen hosts experimental projects, including AI generators. Be aware that availability may vary depending on your location.
  2. Select your tool: Choose “ImageFX” for images, “MusicFX” for music, or “TextFX” for text.
  3. Provide prompts or inputs: Follow the instructions for each tool. ImageFX requires text descriptions, MusicLM accepts text, and TextFX needs starting text or specific styles/tones.
  4. Experiment and iterate: Try different prompts, descriptions, or melodies to refine your results.
  5. Share or save: You can download your creations or share them online.

Important notes:

  • These tools are experimental and may not always produce perfect results.
  • Usage may be limited depending on region and user demand.
  • Google Labs projects are subject to change or removal at any time.
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