Find My Device

As we add more devices to our households, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. That’s why Google is announcing two new features for Find My Device: a refreshed experience that makes it easier to locate your devices and belongings, even when they’re offline, and unknown tracker alerts that can help you protect yourself from unwanted tracking.

Find My Device

The new Find My Device experience will use over a billion Android devices across the world to help you locate your missing belongings like headphones, tracker tags, or even your phone via Bluetooth proximity. You’ll be able to ring your device, view its location on a map, or even erase its data remotely. And if you attach a Bluetooth tracker from Tile, Chipolo, or Pebblebee to your everyday objects, you’ll be able to find them even when they’re offline.

Unknown Tracker Alerts

In addition to the new Find My Device experience, Google is also introducing unknown tracker alerts. These alerts will notify you if your phone determines that an unknown tracker is moving with you. You can then view the device on a map to see where it’s been seen traveling, and play a sound on the tracker to help locate it. If you’re still concerned about your safety, you can view instructions to physically disable the tracker and stop it from updating its location.

Unknown tracker alerts work with widely used Bluetooth trackers, including Apple AirTags and all trackers compatible with the Find My Device network. Google is also working with other tracker manufacturers to ensure that their devices are compatible with these alerts.

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These new features are part of Google’s ongoing commitment to making Android the most secure mobile operating system available. By making it easier to locate your devices and protect yourself from unwanted tracking, Google is helping you keep your belongings safe and secure.


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