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Greener, More Nutritious, More Intelligent, Mengniu Leads the New World of the Dairy Industry till 2049

BEIJING, CHINA – Media OutReach – 6 August 2023 – On August 4th, the Mengniu Group Global Partners Appreciation Meeting was held in Hohhot. Marking the 24th anniversary of Mengniu Group, the conference focused on the ambitious goal for 2049, symbolizing a second century of effort. Grounded in the present, Mengniu engaged in profound exploration and forward-thinking discussions. A total of 300 attendees, including government officials, industry associations, research institutions, universities, and experts from global industrial chain partners, participated in the gathering.

Jeffrey Lu, the President of Mengniu Group, declared at the appreciation meeting that Mengniu will collectively focus its efforts on sustainability, innovation, digital intelligence, and branding. This comprehensive approach will assist Hohhot in crafting an upgraded version of “China Milk Capital,” contributing to China’s growth as a global dairy industry leader.

Looking towards 2049, sustainable development emerges as the inevitable choice for the high-quality growth of the global dairy industry. With Mengniu leading the way, China’s dairy sector adopts green practices, starting a new era for human health and environmental protection.

Through independent and collaborative innovation in research, development, and transformation, Mengniu will utilize life-sustaining dairy products, integrating precise nutritional technologies to preserve individualized health, aiming to craft “Merit Milk” focusing on quality and wellness.

In 2049, technology will dominate the dairy industry. Mengniu’s Digital Intelligence 3.0 strategy focuses on AI-empowered digital twin engines to lead the dairy industry to a new starting of intelligence. The AIGC platform will enable over 100 intelligent business scenarios, transforming Mengniu’s employees into “super employees” with AI assistance.

Li Chengjie, the Mengniu Group CDO, unveiled the ‘World’s First Nutritional Health Domain Model’ – MENGNIU.GPT at the meeting. The AI nutritionist based on this model will offer around-the-clock, real-time and high-quality nutritional health services to all families and will be shared with the upstream and downstream ecosystem, transcending boundaries to lead in greater health ecology.

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At the conference, The AI nutritionist “Mengmeng” made a dazzling appearance and interacted with the audience, offering a unique experience. Through the Mengniu Nutritional Health Platform’s “WOW Health+” app, individuals now can now access and experience the services of this AI nutritionist.

In 2030, the FIFA World Cup will mark its 100th anniversary of extraordinary significance. Jeffrey Lu has announced the renewal of Mengniu’s sponsorship with FIFA, realizing a “Grand Quadruple Happiness.” Mengniu has become an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2026™, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027™, and the 2030 edition of the FIFA World Cup™. Together, they will continue to write the century-long history of the World Cup and forge ahead into Mengniu’s centennial celebration.

At the conference, Mengniu joined hands with academic experts and global partners to form the “Triple Alliance” of the Sustainable Development Ecological Alliance, SNDA Scientist Alliance, and the Digital Intelligence Innovation Ecological Alliance. A signing ceremony was held, symbolizing a unified acceleration towards their shared dream.
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