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Over the years, I have shifted from native apps to web apps, this is because they’re easy to run and having apps as tabs on my chrome is really neat. However, this hasn’t stopped WhatsApp from releasing a native desktop app for Windows. The messaging service is even working on developing one for Mac.

This new offering joins WhatsApp Web, an app for browsers, and WhatsApp Desktop, a web-based desktop app. Since the new app is native as opposed to web-based, it should be faster and more reliable, according to a post on the company’s Help Center.

How to get the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows

If you’re interested in downloading the new desktop app for Windows and linking it to your phone, here’s what to do.

  1. Download the app on your Windows device from the Microsoft Store, it’s about 160Mbs
  2. Open the WhatsApp mobile app to link your account. If you’re on an iPhone, tap Settings. If you’re on an Android, tap More options.
  3. click on Linked Devices
  4. Scan the QR code on the desktop app with your phone and voila!

What’s New in the Native App?

The new WhatsApp Desktop app brings the same features we already know and love on the web-based apps plus a few more not very noticeable perks:
  • Increased reliability and speed
  • Designed and optimized for your desktop operating system
  • Continue to receive notifications and messages even when your phone is offline

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