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Happy Rainy Days Has Launched the Ultra Water Repellent Umbrella

SINGAPORE Media OutReach – 1 December 2022 – Happy Rainy Days has launched the innovative ‘wet-free’ umbrella which can instantly dry up with just one shake. Creative in its approach, all of Happy Rainy Days’ concepts are designed to indulge and reward the users with unique and enchanting experiences.


Mira Toray, Super Water Repellent Fabric

Though innovative is a term rarely associated with the humble umbrella, Mira Toray makes Happy Rainy Days’ umbrella canopy fundamentally different from the rest.

Mira Toray is a high-density cloth which has attained the best level in water repellency tests set by the rigorous Japanese industrial standards. The fibers are tightly woven with a special coating on top so it is almost impossible for raindrops to cling on or soak into the fabric, allowing users to knock off every drop of rain in one swing and enjoy an exceptional drainage experience.

Extremely Long-lasting Water Repellency

With dust in the air and grease from human hands, the water-resistancy of conventional umbrellas generally weakens over time. Happy Rainy Days umbrellas have the ability to retain outstanding waterproof performance thanks to its exclusive high-density fibers.

Mira Toray is very unlikely to deteriorate in everyday life. Even after a certain number of uses, its water repellency remains 50x higher than other brands. By not only being able to sustain a high level of water repellency, but also capable of demonstrating lasting durability, It is definitely no exaggeration to say there is by far no other umbrella can compete or compare.

The Lightest Among Other Same-sized Umbrellas

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Happy Rainy Days’ HR001 series is the perfect collection of ultra light umbrellas that are specifically designed to offer the greatest protection without adding extra burden.

While other umbrellas typically have 6 to 8 ribs, its manual compact umbrella boasts 6 ribs made from tough but thin carbon fibers. It only weighs 147g and measures 24.5cm in length when folded into its 3D-shaped sleeve, yet still manages to attain a canopy size of 23 inches which is wide enough to cover 2 adults.

Company Profile

Happy Rainy Days is managed by Castle Time Company PTE Ltd. All umbrellas are tested in SGS for non-toxic substances, UV cut level, and water repellant testing, to ensure the safety and reliability before launching to the market.

Over the past 30 years, Happy Rainy Days has been selling over 10 million umbrellas and over 1 million light and water repellent UV cut umbrellas in the world.

It can now be ordered via Shopee.

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