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Herbalife Nutrition and the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation Join The Global FoodBanking Network to Battle Food Insecurity

A US$300,000 Grant Will Fund Food Bank Incubator Program in Southeast Asia

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 22 November 2022 – Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company, together with the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF), through their Nutrition for Zero Hunger (NFZH) initiative, have joined forces with The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), an international nonprofit that works to alleviate hunger in nearly 50 countries. This new partnership aims to address the global challenges of hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition. Over a two-year period, GFN will receive a US$300,000 grant from HNF to address these issues in regions with the most urgent needs, specifically the Food Bank Incubator Program in Southeast Asia.

According to the World Health Organization, more than half of all undernourished people live in Asia, and the number of people facing hunger globally continues to increase, exacerbated by the lasting effects of the pandemic, current inflation, and ongoing environmental challenges. This global issue cannot be tackled without sustainable practices and a network of local organizations and food banks to support these communities.

“Our partnership with Herbalife Nutrition and the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation is built on a shared understanding of the severity of the global hunger crisis and a common purpose– to nourish our communities and achieve Zero Hunger,” said Lisa Moon, Global FoodBanking Network president and CEO. “With the support from the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, we can ensure we have the capabilities, food, staff and equipment we need to continue supporting and expanding the network that serves so many.”

This new partnership, under the global Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, will primarily support GFN’s Southeast Asia Food Bank Incubator program, a campaign focused on eliminating hunger and food waste in local communities through food bank development and capacity building. The program demonstrates that food banks are important components to solving hunger that are rooted in the communities they serve and essential to resilient food systems. This program will be funded with a specific focus on Indonesia and Vietnam.

“Partnering with The Global FoodBanking Network marks an important step for us to help address hunger and malnutrition in the Asia Pacific region, which saw an estimated 375.8 million people face hunger in 2020,” added Stephen Conchie, Regional President of Herbalife Nutrition for Asia Pacific and China. “This grant and partnership will not only help people who are most in need of nutrition, but will also strengthen The Global FoodBanking Network’s ability to respond to the hunger crisis in the years to come.”

The GFN’s Food Bank Incubator Program started in 2019 and builds on the valuable lessons the organization has learned through its more than 15 years of operation. By providing technical support, mentoring, best practices, and partnership opportunities to new food banks in high-need areas, the program sets food banks up for success as they seek to serve people facing hunger.

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This collaboration exemplifies Herbalife Nutrition’s commitment to nourishing healthy communities through its Nutrition for Zero Hunger campaign, a global initiative that is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2, which seeks to end hunger in all its forms by 2030 and to achieve food security and improved nutrition. To drive further progress, Herbalife Nutrition has set a goal to achieve 50 million positive impacts across its global responsibility programs by 2030, the company’s 50th anniversary.

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About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition (NYSE: HLF) is a global nutrition company that has been changing people’s lives with great nutrition products and a business opportunity for its independent distributors since 1980. The Company offers science-backed products to consumers in 95 markets by entrepreneurial distributors who provide one-on-one coaching and a supportive community that inspires their customers to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. Through the Company’s commitment to nourish people, communities and our planet, Herbalife Nutrition pledges to achieve 50 million positive impacts – tangible acts of good – by 2030, its 50th anniversary.

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About Nutrition for Zero Hunger
Through Nutrition for Zero Hunger, Herbalife Nutrition is helping tackle rising global hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. As a leader in the nutrition industry, we are committed to addressing this need through combined efforts for access to healthy nutrition and nutrition education. Nutrition for Zero Hunger aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2, which calls for bold action to end malnutrition in all its forms by 2030, as well as solutions to end global hunger and improve nutrition worldwide. The initiative addresses global hunger, food security and malnutrition through key commitments to ensure greater access, education and empowerment of healthy nutrition worldwide.

About the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation
Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (“HNF”) is devoted to improving lives and communities around the world. With a focus on making nutrition more accessible, eradicating hunger, and promoting economic opportunities, HNF works with leading local and global organizations, ensuring that we are nourishing people and the planet, because both together, lead to a healthier world. For more information about HNF and how you can support the Foundation’s important work, visit .

About The Global FoodBanking Network:
The Global FoodBanking Network supports community-driven solutions to alleviate hunger in nearly 50 countries. While millions struggle to access enough safe and nutritious food, nearly a third of all food produced is lost or wasted. We’re changing that. We believe food banks directed by local leaders are key to achieving Zero Hunger and building resilient food systems. For more information, visit .

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