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Technology blogs are great resources if you want the latest tech news. Plus, they often feature interviews with industry leaders, device reviews, updates from industry events, and other unique insights to help you stay up to date on all things tech.

There is no shortage of tech blogs available in the country, here are some of the top tech blogs to follow in 2022 in no particular order after the first one: 

Here are the Top Tech Blogs in Kenya in 2022

  1. Techspace Africa

    The first on our list is non-other than the best and fastest-growing tech blog in Africa. Techspace Africa is a technology-influenced website that covers topics ranging from consumer gadgets to entertainment, gaming, business-related to tech, technology news, analysis of emerging trends in tech like fintech, cryptocurrency, and Web3, tech startups, and funding.If you’re looking for daily coverage of technology news and reviews about smartphones, tablets, computers, games, accessories, apps, and web services, you will find that here.

  2. TechTrendsKe

    TechTrendsKE is one of the leading Kenyan news blogs that covers technology and business trends, and product and service reviews in Kenya and across Africa.A publication of TechTrends Media, TechTrendsKE highlights the trends and available opportunities in the ICT and business space in the region.

  3. Tech-ish Kenya

    Techish is another leading technology blog on the continent, reporting on tech, gadgets, and startup news, you can find features on startups, businesses, and the ‘usual biased gadget reviews’.

  4. Gadgets Africa

    Gadgets Africa is a modern-day multimedia digital platform owned by Wee Media. The website covers daily tech news, device reviews, the occasional ‘How-To’ features, device comparisons, things happening around the web, gaming content, and coverage on emerging technologies such as blockchain, science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and automobiles.

  5. Techweez

    Techweez is one of the oldest and most influential online technology news sites in east and central Africa and a continental leader in personal tech coverage. The tech blog covers everyday tech, consumer technologies, internet business news, and reviews.

  6. Android Kenya

    Android Kenya brings the latest news from the Android world to you. In between Android news items, you will also get insightful tips, analyses, and reviews.

  7. TechWithMuchiri

    Tech With Muchiri is a very cool blog, with informative pieces on how to use and understand tech, phones, laptops, gadgets, apps, software, websites, and services.The website shows you all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to get the most out of the tech you have.

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