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On its second all-virtual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in two years, Apple announced a lot of new features coming to their devices. In this article, we will tackle all the new iOS 15 features coming to your iPhone.

  • First, Apple is bringing spatial audio to facetime and a new voice isolation feature to separate your voice from background noise.
  • Facetime will also have a portrait mode and will blur your background.
  • You can also now schedule calls with Facetime Link, and your friends on Android can join in from the web.
  • SharePlay will let you listen to music and watch movies or videos together on apps such as Disney+, TikTok, HBO Max, or Hulu.
Apple SharePlay/ Courtesy
  • The Apple’s News app will now have a “Shared with you” section that will pick up articles your friends share with you via iMessage. This will also work with Safari, Podcasts, and Apple TV.
  • Apple Music and Photos will pick up content your contacts shared with you in your iMessage conversation too.
  • Your notifications will now have larger icons for apps and larger pictures for contacts.
  • Apple is introducing a new notification summary to catch up with notifications from your apps at your own time.
  • You can now create profiles such as home and work. Here, you can set up custom apps and contacts that can send notifications on a particular profile only. These notification permissions will sync on all your Apple devices.

iOS 15 new notifications/Courtesy


  • Controversial Google lens like Live Text feature will now let you scan and copy any text anywhere.
  • Another Google lens feature that will let you scan your existing photos to look for information such as animal breeds is coming
  • Now, spotlight search will let you to search for photos and even text within them.
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Spotlight search/ courtesy
  • Apple Maps will now be available in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia.
  • Apple Maps has new features in the driving mode such as biking lanes, turn, and bus lanes.
  • Just like in Google Maps, you can now scan buildings to give you transit directions in Augmented Reality.
  • The photos app is getting a Memories feature that will let you sync music from Apple Music to create clips.
  • You will now be able to add keys to your home and hotel room and sign-in cards to your office on Apple Wallet.
  • Apple will also let you add government-issued IDs( only in the US.)
Apple Wallet ID/ courtesy

iOS 15 is in beta and is set to roll out later this year.

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