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In the wake of the recent Pulse Influencer Awards, the winner of the tech influencer award has sparked a lot of discussion. The Tech space in Kenya is vibrant and dynamic, with numerous individuals making significant contributions. Here’s my take on the top 10 tech influencers in Kenya.

My list doesn’t include celebrities or people who push tags, it includes people who have each carved out their own niche within Kenya’s social media tech scene, using their platforms to discuss technology and influence their followers’ perceptions of various tech trends and products in no particular order, and no, I didn’t consider whether they can write a line of code.

  1. Nigel Jr. ( Techspace Africa)I Didn’t make the nominations for the Pulse awards because I would have annihilated the competition, but I am sure my bio would have read something like this “Nigel Jr is the pioneering Chief Editor of TechSpace Africa, a digital magazine that offers comprehensive coverage of tech news on a daily basis.

    His work spans a variety of tech domains, including consumer electronics, gaming, science, and more. He also provides insightful analysis on tech businesses, emerging tech trends, tech startups, and funding. Apart from his editorial role, Nigel Jr is also a popular figure on TikTok and Twitter, where he simplifies complex tech topics for his followers. His knack for making tech accessible to everyone has earned him a loyal following. Moreover, he extends his influence to YouTube and The Techspace Africa Podcast, where he shares engaging content related to the latest happenings in the tech world. His multi-platform presence allows him to reach a wider audience and make a significant impact in the tech industry.”

  2. Nixon Kanali (Techtrends Media)

    Nixon Kanali is one of the biggest tech influencers in Kenya. He is a tech journalist, blogger, and digital influencer. Since 2014, he has been running TechTrendsKE, a platform that highlights developments and trends in the tech space. He also serves as the Tech editor at Africa Business Communities. His work has been recognized in the industry, as he was nominated in multiple Pulse Influencers Awards under the Tech Influencer of the Year award category. His influence is evident in his coverage of technology trends in Kenya and across Africa, including startups.

  3. Dickson Otieno (

    Dickson Otieno is a tech influencer. He runs Techish Kenya, a platform where he shares his insights on various tech-related topics. He has also written articles about startups and influencer marketing. In addition to this, he is active on Youtube, TikTok, and Twitter where he shares smartphone reviews, Opinions on Tech, and more.

  4. Saruni Maina 

    Saruni Maina is a tech journalist and the founding editor of Gadgets Africa. He has written about technology for over three years and ‘reviewed practically every phone that landed in the East African market’. In addition to his work at Gadgets Africa, Saruni has written articles for Techweez and now writes a segment on Medium. Positioning himself as an advocate for tech newbies, when Saruni is not spending his time catching up on gadget reviews, car reviews, and rewatching old shows he is speaking regularly at tech events, Spaces on X, and mentoring young tech enthusiasts. 

  5. Ian Duncan (Duncanzz) 

    Duncanzz is a tech influencer who is active on various platforms including TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.On TikTok, he has over 108.4K followers and 1M likes. He shares tech tips, reviews, and tutorials on a wide range of topics including phone tips, PC apps, PC tips, iPhone tips, and more. He also encourages his followers to vote for him as the tech influencer of the year.On YouTube, he has 784 subscribers and has posted 149 videos. His content includes tech tips & reviews, PC tutorials, editing tutorials, and more. 

  6. Elphas Onamu (Gadgets Africa

    Elphas Onamu is a tech influencer who is active on various platforms including Gadgets Africa and YouTube.On Gadgets Africa, he has written about a wide range of tech-related topics, On YouTube and TikTok, he shares his insights on various tech-related topics, Gadget reviews, tips and tricks, how-to videos, and more. In addition to his work at Gadgets Africa and YouTube, Elphas describes himself as someone who loves taking on new experiences and solving real-world problems through design. He is creative, driven, and ready to change the world

  7. Roy Kanyi 

    Roy Kanyi is a well-known tech content creator and social media influencer. He is particularly recognized for his work as an Echo Reporter at KTN News and The Standard Kenya. His content primarily revolves around short-form videos, which he expertly edits and creates.On TikTok, Roy has amassed a following of over 205.9K followers and has received 3.9M likes. His content is diverse and engaging, ranging from informative tech pieces to entertaining clips. He has a knack for making his audience think, learn, and smile.Whether he’s reporting on the latest tech news or sharing a fun TikTok video, Roy Kanyi continues to captivate his audience with his creativity and charisma 

  8. Charles Kireki (Droid254)
    Droid254 is a prominent tech influencer on X with a substantial following. He joined the platform in June 2012 and has since amassed a following of 274.8K followers. Droid254 is known for his insightful and timely tweets on various topics, including technology, memes, current events, and social issues. Despite his significant influence, he humbly describes himself as the only #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) who doesn’t claim to be a social media guru. His tweets range from sharing the latest tech updates, such as capturing new #Safaricom5G speeds, to retweeting relevant content from other users.With his vast following and impactful content, Droid254 continues to shape conversations and influence opinions in the digital space.
  9. Dominic Gichane (Techsawa)

    Tech Sawa is a popular tech reviewer on YouTube, known for his in-depth and insightful reviews of various tech products. His channel features a wide range of content, including unboxing videos, product reviews, and tech news updates.Tech Sawa’s reviews are highly regarded for their thoroughness and accuracy. He takes the time to test each product thoroughly, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the product’s features, performance, and value for money.In addition to product reviews, Tech Sawa also shares his thoughts on the latest tech trends and developments. His videos often feature discussions on topics such as the future of tech, the impact of new technologies on our daily lives, and predictions for upcoming tech releases.Tech Sawa’s passion for technology and commitment to providing reliable, unbiased reviews have earned him a dedicated following. His channel continues to grow as more and more viewers turn to him for trusted tech advice.

  10. Antony Muchiri (Techspot Africa)
    Tony Muchiri
     is a tech enthusiast and the founder of TechWithMuchiri, a platform dedicated to providing readers with the knowledge they need to make the most out of today’s technology. His website features a wide range of content, including tech news, product reviews, and how-to guides.In addition to running TechWithMuchiri, Tony is also a co-host of the TechSpot Africa Podcast, where he shares the latest insights in the tech space. His ability to break down complex tech topics into understandable terms has earned him a dedicated following.On Twitter, Tony engages with his followers by sharing his thoughts on various tech topics focusing mostly on PCs and Laptops.

In conclusion, the tech industry in Kenya is teeming with influencers who are making significant strides in shaping the digital landscape. However, it’s noteworthy that there is a glaring gender disparity in this space. The list of top ten tech influencers is predominantly male. This underrepresentation of women in tech is not just a Kenyan issue, but a global one.

It’s crucial that concerted efforts are made to bridge this gap. Encouraging more women to venture into this space, providing them with the necessary support and resources, and celebrating their achievements can go a long way in ensuring gender parity in this field. After all, diversity fuels innovation, and a more inclusive social media tech industry is beneficial for everyone.

While we’ve highlighted some of the top tech influencers in Kenya, we acknowledge that there are many more out there making significant contributions to the tech industry. We apologize if we’ve left out anyone. If you know of any other tech influencers who deserve recognition, please feel free to comment below. Your input is greatly appreciated as we strive to celebrate all those shaping the digital landscape in Kenya.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Ivy Mugo 

    Just Ivy, whose real name is Ivy Mugo, is a prominent YouTuber and online influencer. She is/was a member of the all-female Over 25 YouTube group. Known for her financial acumen, Ivy has created a buzz online by engaging her followers in discussions about their earnings.On her Instagram stories, Ivy has been sharing payslips of anonymous followers, most of whom are earning exceedingly well. This initiative has not only sparked conversations about income disparities but also provided insights into the earning potential in various fields.Ivy’s influence extends beyond social media. She is renowned for being a financial head and the go-to person for matters money. Her candid discussions about financial matters have earned her a significant following and established her as a leading influencer in the digital space.Her work has left an indelible mark on her over 230K followers and the wider online community, inspiring many to take charge of their financial futures. Through her platform, Ivy continues to challenge societal norms, encourage transparency, and empower individuals to make informed financial decisions.

  2. Phillips Future 

    Philips Future is a YouTube channel that focuses on delivering quality tech videos. The channel places a strong emphasis on aesthetics, ensuring that each video is not only informative but also visually appealing. The consistent focus on quality and aesthetics suggests that viewers can expect more of the same high-standard content moving forward. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just someone who appreciates well-made videos, Philips Future is a channel to keep an eye on. He is also active on X where he showcases his photography and gadgets.

  3. Dr. Bright Gameli 

    Dr. Bright Gameli Mawudor is a renowned figure in the tech industry, particularly in the field of cybersecurity. Born and raised in Ghana, his passion for computers began at a tender age, leading him to create his first computer virus at just eight years old. After moving to Kenya at the age of 14, he continued to explore his interest in technology, creating a second computer virus that locked out other students from accessing the internet-connected computer at his school. He pursued Computer Science at Daystar University, where he honed his skills in ethical hacking. Upon completing his university education, Gameli joined Cellulant, one of Africa’s leading technology companies. His exceptional skills earned him a scholarship to study for a Masters in Advanced Information Science and Technology at Pukyong National University in South Korea. He later pursued a PhD in IT Convergence and Application Engineering. Gameli has made significant contributions to the tech industry. He published his first paper in South Korea and was recognized as the first black engineer in the country. He is also the founder of Africahackon, the first-ever live demonstration cybersecurity conference in East and Central Africa. Currently, he serves as the head of Managed Security Services at Internet Solutions and Dimension Data (MEA). His inspiring journey and significant contributions to the tech industry have established him as a leading tech influencer.

  4. Brian Kepha 

    Brian Kepha is an up-and-coming tech influencer who is active on various platforms including TikTok, GitHub, and YouTube.On TikTok, he has over 11.1K followers and 95.8K likes. He shares tech reviews, code, pop culture, and philosophy.

  5. Jesse (Techtalk Africa)
    Jesse Lesle
    y, is a tech enthusiast and the co-host of Tech Talk Afrika, a podcast that provides informative and engaging content on various tech topics. His videos cover a wide range of topics, from product reviews to tech news, and are highly regarded for their depth and clarity. He has also appeared on Techweez.In addition to his podcast, Jesse is also active on Twitter, where he shares his thoughts on the latest tech trends and engages with his followers. His tweets often spark interesting discussions and further establish him as a thought leader in the tech community. Despite his success, Jesse remains grounded and approachable. His content is not only informative but also relatable, making tech accessible to everyone. As he continues to grow his platform, Jesse is definitely a tech influencer to watch.

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