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The recent surge in tragic incidents involving female guests at Kenyan Airbnbs has sparked a critical discussion on safety and security within the short-term rental industry. In response, the Kenyan government has implemented a mandatory requirement for all Airbnbs in the country to install CCTV cameras. This decision, while intended to enhance guest safety, raises important questions about privacy and the potential for misuse of such technology.

Airbnbs have become increasingly popular among Kenyans and foreigners seeking unique and immersive experiences. However, the recent string of tragedies, including the assault and murder of several female guests in the last few months has cast a shadow over this flourishing industry. The public outcry has put pressure on authorities to take decisive action to ensure the safety of guests, particularly women.

Speaking on January 14, at a scene where a lady was brutally killed in an Airbnb at an apartment along TRM Drive, Jimmy Kimari, the head of Kasarani Divisional Criminal Investigations announced a mandatory requirement for all Airbnbs to install CCTV cameras. “There is no Airbnb allowed to operate here without having cameras. If anyone operates Airbnb without cameras, and such a thing happens again, we shall equally take action against the owners of the facilities,” Kimari said.

These cameras are expected to be installed in common areas such as hallways, entrances, and exits. This, in hopes, will deter criminal activity and provide evidence in case of incidents.

Privacy Concerns and Balancing Act

While the CCTV mandate is well-intentioned, it raises concerns about guest privacy and potential misuse of footage. In the recent past, Airbnb has always had a hidden camera problem.  Airbnb owners may use this new law to circumnavigate guidelines on privacy, data storage, access, and usage.

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The mandatory CCTV requirement marks a significant step towards improving guest safety in Kenyan Airbnbs. However, it is crucial to ensure that this measure is implemented responsibly, with clear guidelines and safeguards in place to protect guest privacy. Ultimately, a holistic approach that combines technology with robust safety protocols and community engagement is needed to create a safe and secure environment for all Airbnb guests in Kenya.

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