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Google has released its third Developer Preview for Android 11 and most of the headlining tweaks are developer-targeted

There are five big changes in Android 11 Developer Preview 3 — and one of them might not be that new:

  • There is a new ‘undo’ gesture to bring back apps from Recents multitasking

  • Tweaks to Android 11’s exit reasons API, which allows apps to detect how and why they last exited (i.e., did they crash, and how/why, or did the user intend to leave, etc.)
  • GWP-ASan heap analysis can now be enabled for your apps, to help improve memory safety — a tool for developers, not something end-consumers will be too excited about.
  • ADB Incremental, which will make testing very large apps (like games) on devices easier for developers, making the installation process over ADB up to 10x faster. This feature is Pixel 4 and 4 XL only, for now, but all phones that launch with Android 11 will support it.
  • Data access auditing tweaks. Some APIs related to this feature, which allows developers to better audit how user data is accessed and used by their applications, have been renamed.
  • Introductory prompt for chat bubbles
  • Gesture sensitivity can now be independently set for both sides

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