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You can now transfer your photos from Facebook to Google photos. Facebook has announced that the feature was only in the United States and Canada for a while but now is now available for everyone.

The move is part of both Facebook and Google’s support for the very literally-named Data Transfer Project, which also counts Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter among its members.

Right now, the feature only lets you back up your photos and videos to Google Photos, though Facebook has said that other services will be added to it.

How to back up your Facebook snaps to Google Photos:

1. Firstly, log into Facebook and head to the ‘Account’ drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner.

2. Now go to ‘Settings & Privacy’, then ‘Settings’, followed by the ‘Your Facebook information’ option. Here, you’ll find a ‘Transfer a copy of your photos or videos’ option. Click ‘View’, then choose Google Photos as your destination. p.s toggle the ‘High Quality’ import option in your Google Photos settings.

3. You’ll now be asked to choose between backing up your photos and videos. Once you’ve decided, you’ll be taken to a Google Photos log-in to approve the transfer. Done that? It’s now just a case of hitting ‘transfer’ and waiting for your snaps to be copied across.

Google Photos lets you store an unlimited number of photos that are under 16MP resolution and the same goes for 1080p videos

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