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Famous Actor and producer Idris Elba has called for the verification of all social media users and not just famous celebrities.

“People in the public eye get verified on social media, the process of verification requires them to prove their identity so everyone knows who is speaking,” Elba said while speaking on Instagram “Social media companies should make this mandatory for all users.”

According to the actor, allowing users to create accounts without identifying themselves is similar to “boarding a plane and not having to show I.D.”

“If cowards are being supported by a veil of privacy and secrecy, then social media is not a safe space. It is an airplane that allows travelers to wear balaclavas. If cowards want to spout racial rhetoric then say it with your name, not your username,” he concluded.

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Elba’s suggestion would now require people to have an I.D. in order to sign up for a social media account.

The suggestions have been met with a lot of mixed reactions with questions of just how much data people should give these platforms coming up. What do you think? Should everyone be verified?

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