A few days ago a video surfaced online showing some intoxicated women causing a ruckus, in the video, the women were heard hurling insults at their cab driver while also threatening him, and throwing stones at the Bolt driver and his car.

Bolt is an Estonian mobility company that offers vehicles for hire, micro-mobility, car-sharing services like Uber, over the years these ride-hailing services have been marred with controversies as their drivers are often accused of sexual assault.

However, in the video released by Kevin Binto, the Bolt driver, this time around, it was the riders attacking the driver. Netizens took to social media to condemn the three women and their behavior after it later emerged the altercation was as a result of the driver throwing them out of his car for alleged public indecency.

Days later, in a shocking revelation, Kevin says after he was attacked by the three women, Bolt then later went on to suspend his working account after the said women filed a complaint against his service.

Kenyans on Twitter are now yet again condemning the platform for failed due diligence, bias against men. Joining together, they want Bolt to reinstate Kevin and reimburse him for business lost as a result of their incompetence.


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