A few months after a tweet by reverse engineer and online sleuth Jane Manchun Wong explaining she had discovered Twitter was working on bringing back the request for verification feature, the popular social media platform Twitter inc. in November officially announced that it would be reviving the controversial verification process.

Now, the platform says it is ready with its new revamped verification policy and it is going to launch it on January 20.

While Twitter hasn’t confirmed it will resume verification requests on the same day the new policy is taking effect, The social media giant has said it will strip off verification badges from accounts that do not meet its new requirements and also inactive accounts.

“Under our policy, we may also remove verification from accounts that are found to be in severe or repeated violation of the Twitter Rules. We will continue to evaluate such accounts on a case-by-case basis, and will make improvements in 2021 on the relationship between enforcement of our rules and verification,” Twitter said.

However, Twitter will not remove the blue check from accounts whose users have passed away. “We are not planning to automatically remove the verified badge from inactive accounts of people who are no longer living, and are working on building a way to memorialize these accounts in 2021,” Twitter explained in a blog post.

According to Jane, the new feature Twitter was developing was supposed to be similar to Instagram’s in-app verification system.

Jane discovered the “request verification” field in the Twitter app in the “personal information” section of the app’s settings and went public with the screenshots.

Now, Twitter has confirmed her leaks. It appear verification will be applied in-app, See below screenshot.

Twitter is going to use both human review and an automated system to wade through verification requests.



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