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Heritage by Sealy Surpassing the Mattresses of Five-star Hotels

  • First-Ever of Its Kind – Three Patented Technologies for Comfort and Support Creating a Weightless Deep Sleep
  • Best-in-class Quality – Soft Gold Alpaca Fleece Crafted by Century-old Skills
  • Extraordinarily Durable – Tested for 8000 Hours, up to 5000 Uses, in Accordance with International Standard Testing

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 20 December 2021 – Have you ever felt like you were sleeping on cloud nine? Is a staycation at a five-star hotel the only way to indulge in the comfort of an elite mattress? The brand-new Heritage collection of Sealy mattresses offers you even more! During a history spanning more than a century, Sealy has obtained more than one hundred patents. Its mattresses are co-developed by an Othopaedic Advisory Board consisting of international chiropractic experts, enabling Sealy to create an unparalleled sleep experience while also protecting your back. As a world-class bedding brand, it is used by many five-star hotels, including Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, InterContinental, The Venetian Macao and Wynn Palace. Now, the revolutionary Heritage collection exceeds the mattresses found in five-star hotels. The result of Sealy’s extensive research over many years, the Heritage collection is wholly produced in Australia, using a combination of advanced technology, luxurious materials and fine craftsmanship. In addition to achieving a number of breakthroughs, the collection redefines the meaning of “support”, “comfort”, and “durability”:


First of Its Kind, with the Finest Materials and Quality

Perfect Support

Made of titanium, a unique and high-tech material, the RestSUPPORT® coils provide exceptional three-stage support for an upgrade of Sealy’s premium support and comfort, creating a weightless experience like a tender hug tailor-made for you.

l   The support capacity, stability and comfort have been lifted by 13%, 24% and 29% respectively

Ultimate Comfort

The newly developed ComfortBridge layer with improved performance has enhanced the pressure-relieving effect by 23%. This innovative layer, positioned beneath the upper layer of fabric, is crafted from soft gold Alpaca and Cashmere offering ultimate comfort with fine craftsmanship inspired by Sealy’s 100-year history.

Extraordinarily Durable

The most advanced Patented UniCased® XT Edge Support system with an organ-style design allows the edge to have a rebounding effect close to the coils, effectively stabilizing the components of the coils, improving edge support and enhancing durability. It has passed a duration test of more than 8000 hours, equivalent to up to 5000 uses.


The Heritage collection redefines the meaning of comfortable sleep. Want to give it a try? Go to the world’s first Heritage by Sealy store at HomeSquare in Shatin or to the Sealy mattress stores in Wan Chai and Mong Kok to explore this sublime new sleep experience. All four mattresses in the collection are available to trial today.


Beyond Five-star Ultimate Sleep Tour: Exclusive Bedtime Sound Bath at the Heritage by Sealy Store

What’s even better than trying a new mattress? Heritage by Sealy invites you to experience an extraordinary Bedtime Sound Bath in its world-first store.  Immerse yourself in the ultimate comfort of a Heritage by Sealy mattress while you bask in the soothing and healing sounds created by the crystal singing bowls, enabling your mind, body and every inch of skin to reach a state of complete relaxation and weightlessness, as if you are being pampered in a tender hug tailor-made for you. During the new store opening period on December 24, 2021 and January 31, 2022, customers who purchase any Heritage by Sealy mattress are entitled to experience a Bedtime Sound Bath. Redemption is available on a first-come-first-served basis and while quotas last. For more details, please stay tuned to the latest announcements by Sealy.  

Perfect Support: Revolutionary RestSUPPORT® Coil Enhances Three-Stage Support, Enabling a Weightless Deep Sleep

The secret to improving the support capacity of a mattress is to enhance the coils at its core. Sealy’s Heritage collection adopts Sealy’s newly developed and top-rated RestSUPPORT® coil made of unique high-tech titanium. Combined with the new SynerFlex surface of free-floating micro-coils and the existing patented Align Support Coil®, it is committed to providing efficient and comprehensive support. Compared to the first-generation ReST®, a patented coil with efficient induction support, the Heritage collection’s three-stage support further improves the support, stability and comfort of the mattress by 13%, 24% and 29%, respectively. It simulates the ultimate feeling of weightlessness, as if you are floating above a large, tranquil lake. The soft yet obvious sense of embracement completely relaxes the muscles, letting your body lie naturally and helping to empty the mind so you can enter a deep sleep state more quickly.

1st Stage of Support – Reducing Burden:

  • The extensible SynerFlex free-floating micro-coils at the top of the mattress automatically fine-tune when in contact with the sleeper, producing a soft pressure-free cushioning effect that eliminates the reaction force produced by supporting or turning.

2nd Stage of Support – Buffering:

  • Under the SynerFlex layer, additional buffering reduces the pressure between the sleeper and the coils and dramatically eliminates the burden of sleeping on one’s side. This allows you to enjoy natural and comfortable support in any sleeping position.

3rd Stage of Support – Stabilizing:

  • The relaxed nature of a body in the sleep state increases the pressure on the mattress. Thanks to reliable support at the bottom of the mattress, the Heritage collection provides the precise support that suits the sleeper’s needs, ensuring that the spine can remain natural and straight. The end result is a truly regal sleep experience with a profound sense of security and nurturing.

Ultimate Comfort: First-of-its Kind ComfortBridge Fine-tuning Pressure-Relieving Cushion Best Fits the Curve of Your Lumbar Spine

Soft Gold Alpaca in Combination with Century-old fine Craftsmanship Ensures a Skin-friendly Texture

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An attractive mattress that makes you sleep soundly at a touch requires the finest craftsmanship from its surface to its core. In addition to the coils in the heart of the mattress, creating a surface that best fits the curve of your body and pampers your skin also requires new innovations. Sealy’s Heritage collection is equipped with a newly developed and uniquely designed ComfortBridge Fine-tuning Pressure-relieving cushion embedded with hundreds of micro coils to support the lumbar spine, which helps reduce pressure by 23% and makes every millimetre of the mattress surface a perfect and seamless fit to the body’s curve, even in a side-sleeping position. This support allows the body to lie in a natural and straight position without pressure, so you can immerse yourself in sweet dreams without any disturbance.


On the other hand, to achieve the ultimate skin-friendly pleasure, the Heritage collection embraces silk and Australian wool for its inner layer, and specific models in the collection even adopt soft gold Alpaca, and rare cashmere. Alpaca is soft like cotton and smooth like silk, with a particular hollow structure that makes it both soft and elastic. This structure, rare among natural fibres, ensures that the mattress is comfortable and wear-resistant. By eliminating any odour commonly associated with sheep wool, the collection is also odourless, non-irritating and non-allergenic. It is likewise dust resistant with good air permeability, making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. Cashmere fibres, with their fine and irregularly curled texture, have a diameter five times smaller than human hair. Their softness and significant elastic recovery rate allow them to easily return to their original shape after being pulled, which explains how a Heritage mattress is able to deliver superior comfort and durability.


The Heritage collection are the only Sealy mattresses hand-tufted by craftsmen who draw on the company’s century of rich history. Handcrafted in Australia, all materials and cushioning are manually sewn together, achieving the highest levels of quality for the ultimate sleep experience.


Extraordinarily Durable: UniCased® XT Pressure-relieving System Improves Durability, Certified by a Durability Test of 8000 Hours, Up to 5000 Uses

Bed is a place where we spend one-third of our lives. The Heritage collection mattresses redefine this experience with revolutionary design and incredible durability. The collection adopts the most advanced UniCased® XT Pressure-relieving system with an organ design that allows the edge to rebound like a coil and stabilize the coil components. The sturdy design of the edge further improves support and durability. On the one hand, it expands the sleeping area and extends the space where you can sleep comfortably towards the edge of the bed; on the other hand, it protects the user from a sagging mattress. The pressure-relieving design also dramatically enhances shock absorption. It provides better support and relaxes the sleeper’s muscles, thus reducing any disturbance to a partner when turning over, and promoting a sweet and peaceful night’s sleep.


To ensure that the Heritage collection is tough and durable, the R&D department of Sealy used a robot to simulate an 80kg person getting in and out of bed and lying on the bed every night. This was repeated up to 5000 times, together with a variety of other tests representing up to 8000 hours of usage. The mattresses were tested according to real-life usage, and for the durability of all parts including the coils, bedside structure, cotton layer, and fabric. Having surpassed all quality standards, each mattress of the Heritage collection is guaranteed to be comfortable and durable, offering the user a royal sleep experience.


The Heritage Collection: Pure Innovation from a NATA-Certified Research and Development Centre

With the largest and most advanced mattress research and testing centre worldwide, Sealy’s testing facilities have been certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). In total, it has 32 machines that can perform 68 different tests, representing an enormous R&D investment that surpasses all other companies in the industry. Its component development centre is responsible for designing, developing and manufacturing a series of unique coil machines to craft various unique patented coil designs. In addition, Sealy has gathered a number of top experts, including international chiropractors, spinal research and sleep experts, to form an Orthopaedic Advisory Board that ensures the development, testing, and design of the patents comply with the latest scientific standards. With the birth of the Heritage collection produced in Australia, Sealy is once again upholding its promise to deliver the highest quality standards for an extraordinary and comfortable sleep experience. Discover for yourself this unparalleled home sleep experience that is better than 5-star hotels. The details of the entire Heritage collection are as follows:












Firm with Softness


Super Soft


Sewing Method

TACK & JUMP in the Australian Plant

TACK & JUMP in the Australian Plant




Australian Wool


Alpaca and Cashmere

Alpaca and Cashmere

Patented Technology

RestSUPPORT® Coil, ComfortBridge layout, UniCased® XT Edge


The Heritage collection of Sealy can be purchased at the following stores:

  • Heritage by Sealy Store |Address: Shop 231, Homesquare, Shatin|Tel:  2668 9086
  • Sealy Gallery Wanchai Store |Address: No. 138C, Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai |Tel: 2529 3188
  • Sealy Gallery Mong Kok Store |Address: Shop 419, MOKO, Mong Kok|Tel: 2819 0988

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