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“HKIH Elite Awards 2024” Opens for Nomination on 8 March

With New Award Categories Introduced: Best ESG Team & Best Safety Team To Commend Outstanding Housing Management Professionals and Teams

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 19 March 2024 – Organised by The Hong Kong Institute of Housing (“HKIH”), the HKIH Elite Awards 2024 is open for nomination by 8 March 2024. The nomination period will close at 12:00 noon, 28 June 2024.

Housing management professionals have been working hard to enhance harmonious, well-managed living and working environments for all citizens over the years. Their contribution and outstanding performance should be recognised and made known to a wider public. With social unrests and pandemic challenges, housing management professionals’ dedicated efforts were especially profound and important for the community. Thus, HKIH launched the first HKIH Elite Awards in 2020 to reward the outstanding contributions of members and industry practitioners. By bringing together leading corporate executives, professionals, and academic institutions, as well as industry leaders, the HKIH Elite Awards offers an excellent opportunity for local housing management individuals and teams to be recognised for their professionalism and achievement.

Two New Award Categories for the Third Edition of HKIH Elite Awards
In this edition of the Awards, HKIH is excited to introduce two new categories crafted to meet the demands of the modern era: 1) “Best ESG Team” Award, designed to recognize teams that excel in incorporating and executing ESG principles in their daily operations; and 2) “Best Safety Team” Award, aimed at honoring teams that effectively implement precautionary safety control measures and demonstrate superior safety management performance in their day-to-day management activities.

Ms Patricia Cheng, HKIH President, commented, “The previous editions of the HKIH Elite Awards have received unanimous acclaim from the industry, academia, and relevant government bodies. Now in its third edition, we aim to keep pace with the times by introducing two new categories focused on themes that are of paramount importance today: ESG and Safety. These additions are designed to encourage participation from more professional teams and simultaneously elevate the industry’s commitment to these critical areas.”

Ms Rosita Wong, Organising Committee Chairperson of HKIH Elite Awards 2024, said, “It is a great honor to serve as the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee for this year’s HKIH Elite Awards. In the new normal following the pandemic, housing management professionals have worked with diligence and perseverance while continuing to embrace technology to keep abreast of the latest developments. Interaction between the profession and society is of great significance. Hence, through hosting these awards, we hope to showcase the dedication and contributions of our peers to the public, promoting continual progress within the industry in this new normal.”

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The Diversified Top-Class Jury Panel
The HKIH Elite Awards 2024 has invited experts with different backgrounds to join the Jury Panel. Mr Tony TSE Wai-chuen, BBS, JP will be the Head Juror. Jury members will partake and contribute to the sophisticated judging process for different award categories this year.

Key Dates

Date Key Milestone
8 March 2024 Nominations open
28 June 2024 at 12:00 noon Nominations close
31 July 2024 Finalists Announcement
7 and 14 September 2024 Finalists Presentation to Jury Panel
November 2024 HKIH Elite Awards 2024 Award Presentation Ceremony

*Future notice will be made if there are any changes on the above dates.

Award Categories

Category Subcategory Award Type
Individual Awards
Outstanding Manager
  • Private Housing
    • Residential
    • Non-residential
  • Public Housing
  • Grand Award
  • Excellent Awards
  • Merit Awards
Outstanding Officer

Team Awards
Outstanding Team
  • Private Housing
    • Residential
    • Non-residential
  • Public Housing
  • Grand Award
  • Excellent Awards
  • Merit Awards
Best Crisis Management Team
Best ESG Team (New in 2024)
Best Safety Team (New in 2024)
Innovative Awards
Best Innovative Idea
  • Grand Award
  • Excellent Awards
  • Merit Awards

For more details of HKIH Elite Awards 2024, please visit the HKIH website or Facebook page

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About The Hong Kong Institute of Housing

The Hong Kong Institute of Housing (“HKIH”) was incorporated in Hong Kong on 29 November 1988 under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32 of the Laws of Hong Kong) as a company limited by guarantee. Effective from 9 May 1997, HKIH has become a body corporate under The Hong Kong Institute of Housing Ordinance (Cap. 507, originally 34 of 1997). HKIH has been announced as one of the first batch Recognised Professional Bodies (RPBs) of PMSA since 2020.

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