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Hong Kong Artist Shiga Lin and DJ Ah Jeng Share their Dream Weddings and Diamond Rings; Both Shine in Diamond Jewellery from De Beers Forevermark

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 25 July 2022 – With the idea in mind that every girl dreams of a wedding that is memorable for a lifetime, De Beers Group recently launched an online pre-bridal survey to understand more about wedding planning among younger generations. Celebrating this new initiative, a short video titled Flash Your Happiness as You Like was posted in social media. Produced by Commercial Radio Hong Kong, the short video featured the newly engaged singer/actress Shiga Lin and popular DJ Bonnie Wong (aka Ah Jeng), who shared their genuine feelings about their dream weddings and diamond rings, while beaming natural radiance from the glittering diamond jewellery from De Beers Forevermark.


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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many lovers are forced to delay their weddings, and they also start to rethink about how they want to structure the biggest day in their life, including their preference towards more simplified wedding proposals, ceremonies, and banquets. However, their desire for wedding rings with natural diamonds remain consistent. It is also the belief of both Shiga and Ah Jeng that the eternal love between a couple can only be symbolized by a wedding ring that is adorned with exquisite, sparkling natural diamonds.

About her dream wedding, Shiga revealed her sweetest wishes. “Marriage is such an important milestone, and a solemn ceremony would give me the right feeling. Dressed in a graceful wedding gown for an afternoon church ceremony and wearing an elegant evening dress to cut the wedding cake in a banquet, that would be ideal!”

On the other hand, Ah Jeng would like to have a fairy tale style wedding, though she is still in search of her soul mate. She would invite her friends and loved ones to join the occasion as an online live session. A wedding ring is also a must for her, and natural diamonds represent the definite choice.

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Marriage Proposal Concepts of Gen Z

The image of a dream wedding differs among people of different generations, and Gen Z of course have their say to define their own marriage proposals and engagements.

How to propose: As indicated by a study jointly conducted by De Beers Group and The Knot in the U.S., Gen Z women put a lot of emphasis on the process of how the marriage proposal is made. Instead of grand gestures and elaborate public displays, they want the proposal to be more intimate and personal. Gone are the days when proposals were made by going down on one knee with 999 roses in a romantic restaurant. Girls like it more now that their partners present the promise of love in a private environment for only the two of them, or make a ceremonious proposal under the witness of family and friends.

Proposal by girls, why not: Gen Z women believe proposing for marriage is not something exclusive for men. Girls can also take the initiative to propose to their partners, instead of waiting passively for the proposal to come.

Choosing the engagement ring together: Gen Z women prefer choosing the engagement ring together with their partners. As the sharing goes from Shiga and Ah Jeng in the video: “The engagement ring is going to stay with us for a lifetime. You must choose the ring that you really love!”

Gen Z Prefers Natural Diamond Rings

While the proposal itself is highly valued by the girls, the engagement ring is equally important, if not more, especially the brilliance of the diamond. However, the size of the diamond is less a priority than the style and sparkle of the stone. Traditionally, the 4C measurements have been used to determine the value of the diamonds, but Gen Z pursues more as they embrace the new 5C standard, adding Confidence to the original 4C of Colour, Clarity, Carat and Cut.

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Caring more about the community and the environment, Gen Z appreciates brands that focus on people’s well-being, social responsibility, and environmental protection. That is why De Beers Forevermark has become their trusted diamond jeweller. Set at the core of De Beers Forevermark is the celebration of everlasting love and values, including the support for sustainable development of the planet, protection of the environment, and implementation of social responsibilities. De Beers Group is committed to “Building Forever,” an approach of sustainable development that brings together a wide array of professional parties to work together with the Group for the long-term sustainable benefits of the people living in diamond-producing countries. This serves as a promise of Confidence for consumers to live up to the 5C standard.

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About De Beers Forevermark

De Beers Forevermark is a Jewellery House offering contemporary designs featuring responsibly sourced diamonds that are hand selected for their beauty. Created for marking special moments and wearing every day, Forevermark diamond jewellery is timeless with a twist. The Forevermark Avaanti collection embodies the spirit of possibility, and the Forevermark Icon collection is inspired by the stars in the South African sky.

Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds can carry the unique Forevermark inscription, proof that they are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. De Beers is committed to Building Forever, ensuring that every diamond it discovers creates a lasting positive impact for the people and places where it is found. This comes with a pledge to build a better future – one that is fairer, safer, cleaner and healthier, ensuring communities thrive, ethical practices are maintained, and the natural environment is protected.

De Beers Forevermark jewellery is sold through and in approximately 2,400 jeweller locations worldwide. Find your nearest De Beers Forevermark Authorised Jewellers, please visit @forevermark

About De Beers Group

Established in 1888, De Beers Group is the world’s leading diamond company with expertise in the exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds. Together with its joint venture partners, De Beers Group employs more than 20,000 people across the diamond pipeline and is the world’s largest diamond producer by value, with diamond mining operations in Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. Innovation sits at the heart of the De Beers Group strategy as it develops a portfolio of offers, including its jewellery houses, De Beers Jewellers and De Beers Forevermark, and other pioneering solutions, such as diamond sourcing and traceability initiatives GemFair and Tracr. De Beers Group is committed to ‘,’ a holistic and integrated approach for creating a better future – where safety, human rights and ethical integrity continue to be paramount; where communities thrive and the environment is protected; and where there are equal opportunities for all. De Beers Group is a member of the Anglo American plc group. For further information, visit .

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