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Hong Kong Life Presents “HKL Walk Together: Everyphone Everywhere – Triple Privileges”

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 26 July 2023 – Hong Kong Life has always embraced the people-centricity and attached importance to customers and the public by serving them with all-rounded care and services. This year, Hong Kong Life has become the sponsor of the local movie “Everyphone Everywhere” to make contributions to the development of local movies, culture and art, and to promote Hong Kong’s diversified culture to the public.

To carry on the joyful atmosphere in this summer, Hong Kong Life is going to launch a new branding campaign “HKL Walk Together: Everyphone Everywhere – Triple Privileges” (“Campaign”) which will bring fabulous prizes and joy to the public.

The campaign will be held in three stages on Hong Kong Life’s official Facebook page. During the campaign period, participants holding a Facebook account can join every stage of the campaign for free and may stand a chance to win the prizes by following the instructions of the campaign. The prizes include the ticket exchange coupon of the movie “Everyphone Everywhere” and other surprising prizes in the Ultimate Wave.

Campaign Details:

Campaign Stage Campaign Period Result Announcement
“Triple Privileges – 1st Wave” 27 July 2023 to 31 July 2023 3 August 2023
“Triple Privileges – 2nd Wave” 4 August 2023 to 8 August 2023 10 August 2023
“Triple Privileges – Ultimate Wave” Ultimate Wave will be held in mid-August.
Please stay tuned for more details.

The Facebook username used to participate in the campaign will be used for result announcement. For details and terms and conditions of “Triple Privileges”, please stay tuned to Hong Kong Life’s official Facebook page (

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  1. “HKL Walk Together: Everyphone Everywhere – Triple Privileges” is subjected to the terms and conditions.
  2. In every stage of campaign, each Facebook account can participate once only and can win one prize at maximum.
  3. Hong Kong Life is not the business partner of Facebook, and the campaign is not sponsored, supported or managed by Facebook.

Hashtag: #香港人壽 #HKLife #全個世界都有電話 #EveryphoneEverywhere #獎賞浪接浪 #有獎遊戲

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About Hong Kong Life

Established in 2001, Hong Kong Life Insurance Limited (“Hong Kong Life”) was founded by five local financial institutions including Asia Insurance Company Limited, Chong Hing Bank Limited, CMB Wing Lung Bank Limited, OCBC Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited, which laid their foundations and have been serving people in Hong Kong for more than 50 years in average. Through the extensive network of around 130 distribution points comprising Chong Hing Bank, CMB Wing Lung Bank, OCBC Bank and Shanghai Commercial Bank, Hong Kong Life provides a comprehensive range of insurance products and services.

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