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Hong Kong The One Investigation Agency Sets up a Huge Database of China and Hong Kong to Quickly Identify The Real Identity of The Target

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 28 April 2022 – Hong Kong The One Investigation Agency (HKTOI) has set up a huge database of China and Hong Kong, which is used to quickly verify the identity and information of the target, and effectively improve the efficiency of private detectives in handling cases. As a private detective agency with more than 30 years of experience in cooperation between the two places, HKTOI Agency continues to improve its evidence collection technology and investigation capabilities, and expand its China-Hong Kong database, in order to provide important and powerful evidence for the investigation of detective cases in China and Hong Kong in the shortest possible time. With the strength of the leading private detective agency, speed up the time to complete each detective commission and improve the accuracy.

Private Detective Agency Database In Real Application

In recent years, economic activities in China and Hong Kong have been frequent, and the scope of investigation by Hong Kong private investigators is no longer limited to Hong Kong. Due to the difference in the information systems of the two places, mainland China and Hong Kong need to search in different ways. The HKTOI agency has more than 30 years of experience in cooperation between the two places, and has accumulated a huge database of investigations in China and Hong Kong. It is familiar with the search methods in Hong Kong and mainland China, and can collect the required information in a short time, including phone calls, mobile records, marriage background, Real estate, hotel records, etc. HKTOI Agency breaks the geographical limitation of detective investigation and provides the most authentic evidence for the client.

Pre-marital investigation is one of the private detective services. In recent years, it has also received many commissions for pre-marital investigation in China and Hong Kong. According to the statistics of the Hong Kong police, emotional deception is the most common case in recent years, and cross-border romance and marriage have also led to an upward trend in the number of deception cases. According to the data of the Hong Kong police from January to September 2020, 90% of women are victims of online emotional traps, with a total loss of about HK$160.8 million. The HKTOI Agency can travel back and forth between China and Hong Kong for pre-marital women to find answers to emotional doubts and eliminate the crisis of cheating marriages.

The investigation of the huge Chinese and Hong Kong database accelerates the completion of the investigation commission. The pre-marital investigation of HKTOI agency ensures the authenticity of similar information in China and Hong Kong, and protects the client’s “safety factor” before marriage. Premarital women are generally concerned about the character and loyalty of their fiance. According to the past experience of the One Detective Investigation Agency, even if the survey object is a domestic soldier, businessman or professional, etc., from family members, economic income, personal assets, living habits, and even marriage. Shi et al. are the starting point, which can effectively reveal the true information of the object and reduce the fraudsters pretending to be their real identities.

Confidentiality and Privacy Are The Main Principles. Confidentiality Agreement Protects The Client

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The detective team of the HKTOI agency is all private investigators who have received professional training. HKTOI agency pays special attention to the professionalism and attitude of the team. In addition to continuously improving evidence-collecting technology and investigation capabilities, the detective agency adheres to the principle of confidentiality and privacy, and signs a non-disclosure agreement with the client before conducting investigation services. Investigators will also provide all the facts to the client. If the target person has any abnormal or suspicious behavior, they will truthfully report them, and finally achieve the client’s mission.

Private detective service

In reality, private detective services can be used in different situations or emergencies. The HKTOI agency uses professional evidence collection and investigation skills to ensure that all important information will not be missed. Whether it is personal, insurance, commercial, financial or legal investigations, the detective agency uses its proficient and extensive capabilities to discover the most fundamental causes and truth reasons, such as bigamy, extramarital affairs, infidelity investigations, insurance fraud investigations, data inquiry and verification, Personal bankruptcy record verification, etc., or as far as searching for domestic personal information, looking for domestic personal information, a private detective agency provides the most relevant incident records, and finds out the evidence in every detail.

In addition, the private detectives of HKTOI agency flexibly use psychological knowledge, coupled with the prudent detection ability cultivated over many years, have advantages in character and whereabouts evidence search, common investigation commissions, including personal marital status verification, abnormal children Behavioral activity investigations, tracing people and addresses, investigating debtors, investigating missing persons, investigating employees who escaped and concealed bad deeds, etc. The HKTOI agency can strip the cocoon of complex events, and clearly restore the truth of the matter and the reasons behind it.

A calm and clear mind and keen observation are also the strengths of the HKTOI agency, which is even more advantageous in business investigations, assisting businesses to maintain their industries, protect corporate and personal interests, and win in a treacherous and greedy market. With powerful insight, HKTOI agency provides enterprises with business intelligence search, competitor intelligence search, corporate background, business credit report, trademark infringement, counterfeit product investigation, and employee integrity investigation. There are countless commercial institutions that cooperate with the HKTOI agency, becoming the most reliable commercial investigation consultant for merchants, greatly reducing business risks.

About HKTOI Agency

Hong Kong The One Investigation Agency is a private detective agency specializing in Hong Kong. It has more than 30 years of experience in detective investigation. It has offices in Hong Kong and mainland China. It is one of the most powerful private detective agencies in China and Hong Kong. Private detectives with rich practical experience and professional investigation teams, including action teams, vehicle tracking teams, instrument teams and lawyer teams, solve investigation problems for many clients around the world. If you want to know more about the services of HKTOI, you can visit .


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