HostAfrica’s recent acquisition of Sasahost and Lenasi in Kenya marks a significant chapter in their ambitious journey to become the leading web hosting provider across Africa. But this isn’t their first foray into expansion – a series of strategic acquisitions have paved the way for their pan-continental reach.


Founded in 2002, HostAfrica carved its niche in the South African market, winning hearts with its commitment to top-notch service and innovative solutions. From domain registration to VPS and cloud hosting, they built a loyal clientele and established themselves as a reliable force.

But HostAfrica’s ambitions extend beyond South Africa’s borders with acquisitions marking its strategic move for the hosting company’s vision to become the undisputed leader in African web hosting. Let’s delve into their African odyssey through a comprehensive timeline:

2008 (South Africa):

  • Cloud to Machine: This initial acquisition of VPS Networks and its subsidiaries, CLOUD and VPS, laid the foundation for Host Africa’s venture into cloud services.

2016 (South Africa):

  • VPS Networks (formalization): This formalizes the integration of VPS Networks’ infrastructure and expertise, solidifying their presence in the South African market.

2019 (South Africa):

  • Greycell CC & AmpleHosting: This strategic move expands HostAfrica’s reach and portfolio with Greycell’s domain registration and web hosting expertise alongside AmpleHosting’s established customer base.

2020 (South Africa):

  • Gweb Hosting: Strengthening their South African presence and diversifying service offerings, HostAfrica acquires Gweb Hosting’s infrastructure and clientele.
  • Hob Host: Further solidifying their regional position, Host Africa integrates Hob Host’s established customer base and local presence.
  • Divine Online Solutions: HostAfrica acquires a Cape-based web hosting and web design company Divine Online Solutions
  • Clickworks Internet Ltd: Without disclosing the monetary value, this was the last acquisition and continuation of its expansion strategy in South Africa in 2020.
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2021 (Nigeria):

  • DomainKing: In their plans to accelerate efforts to expand into Africa, HostAfrica enters West Africa by acquiring one of the larger Nigerian shared web hosting companies


  • Red Cactus Software CC (South Africa): HostAfrica continues its expansion by acquiring Pretoria-based web hosting company Red Cactus Software CC.
  • EAC directory (Kenya): Gaining a foothold in the Kenyan market, HostAfrica lays the groundwork for further East African expansion with this acquisition.
  • Digiserv (South Africa): Expanding its South African reach and consolidating the local market, HostAfrica acquires Digiserv’s infrastructure and customer base.

2023 (Kenya):

  • Sasahost (Kenya): This acquisition solidifies HostAfrica’s presence in Kenya and positions them to capitalize on the region’s booming digital economy.
  • Lenasi: Kenyan hosting provider Lenasi, announces it has been acquired by HostAfrica another strategic acquisition since its inception.

HostAfrica’s odyssey is a double-edged sword. It could herald a new era of seamless connectivity and opportunity across Africa. But it also raises concerns about monopolization and stifling local innovation. As the web becomes the lifeblood of the continent, one thing is clear: HostAfrica’s is not here to joke, and its impact on Africa’s digital future will be felt.

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