Details have emerged of how a high-ranking official in the Nairobi county Government allegedly orchestrated a scheme to defraud taxpayers of Kshs. 22.5 million through the purchase of overpriced Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra smartphones.

According to reports, the senior official issued a forged Local Purchase Order (LPO) for 60 Samsung Galaxy S23 devices at an exorbitant price of Ksh. 375,000 each, far above market value. The phones were supplied by Equipelt Enterprises, which now faces a potential loss of Ksh. 20 million.

May be an image of ‎ticket stub and ‎text that says "‎ORIGINAL/SUPPLIERS ORIGINALA COPY Toc NAIROBI CITY COUNTY OFFICIAL ORDER LOCAL PURCHASE ORDER QUIPELT ENTERPRISES CHAIN KENGA TEL:224281 NUMBER001.5895 NUMBER001 5895 DATE GQUIPMGHT 121 -Cblo supply tollowing gooda/ services officar Name Mayhn อ condisons Chief offica Ofticial stamp Name IMPORTANT: QTY (See back) FULL DESCRIPTION OF GOOOS/SERVICES REQUIRED Go amsenes SIA wTen ጀቃል BAn 25605 PBRASC UNIT COSTS VALUE SHS SHS ዓችዓመ_22,300,መ 500,000 σο 500, NB: ORDER MALID FOR VALUE NOT EXCEEDING THE THEVALUE ORDER IN WORDS KSHS. Teenty Tuce MiLLADE INSTRUCTIONS Please dallver the goods/ services 221 ன்න் هه E cay HALL Deliveredby -00100 TARON 1000‎"‎‎

The scandal has sparked outrage among Nairobi residents and calls for immediate investigation. Equipelt Enterprises has filed a petition demanding the return of the phones or a full refund.

“Equipelt Enterprises tolerating the possibility of selling 60 pieces of the Samsung S23 Ultra to the County Government of Nairobi at a price of 375k per piece and getting scammed while at it is the real pwagu kapata pwaguzi.” a concerned netizen wrote on Twitter.

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