The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is seeking a revolutionary solution to a critical global issue. Their 100&Change competition offers a life-changing opportunity: a single $100 million grant to fund a proposal with the potential for real and measurable progress.

The MacArthur Foundation believes significant problems require significant solutions. By offering a grant far exceeding typical philanthropic awards, they aim to:

  • Fund radically different approaches: Support solutions that are ambitious in scale, scope, and complexity.
  • Drive transformative change: Enable real progress toward a lasting solution for a pressing global issue.

While the competition is open to any field, the Foundation prioritizes solutions addressing issues like:

  • Climate change
  • Nuclear risk
  • Criminal Justice Reform (US)
  • Corruption (Nigeria)

The competition is open to:

  • Individual organizations
  • Collaborations between multiple organizations

There are no restrictions on location or field of work.

Your proposal will be evaluated based on five key aspects:

  1. Impactful:

    • Does your proposal address a critical issue with a potential for transformative impact?
    • Is the ambition of your solution clear (e.g., size of the population served, geographic reach, or intensity of impact)?
  2. Evidence-Based:

    • Does your solution demonstrate a track record of success based on concrete results?
    • Can your solution be adapted to different contexts and maintain its effectiveness over time?
  3. Feasible:

    • Does your team possess the skills, resources, and experience to implement your proposal?
    • Are your budget and plans realistic for successful execution?
    • Does your plan address potential changes in personnel or external circumstances?
  4. Durable:

    • Will your solution’s impact be sustained over time (ideally solving the problem in five years or creating a pathway to a solution)?
    • Does your plan attract additional funding from private, philanthropic, or public sources?
    • Does your team have a clear vision for the solution’s long-term success?
  5. Just:

    • Does your approach prioritize equity, inclusion, and accessibility in design, implementation, staffing, and operations?
    • Will your solution benefit diverse populations, particularly marginalized communities with the greatest needs?
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How to Apply:

Applications are currently open! Click here to apply by the deadline: Thursday, August 15, 2024.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a real difference on a global scale!

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