How to Check How Many Safaricom Numbers Are Registered to Your ID Number

There are a few reasons you could find a few phone numbers registered to your National Identification Number that you do not recognize, from malicious people who access your ID and register a sim card for malicious activities or borrow loans to M-Pesa agents who register new lines with your ID for commission.

Safaricom has been putting in a few measures to prevent this from happening recently launching a feature that prompts you to accept new registrations using your National Identification card using a consent message that will is sent using the number 707, you can either accept or cancel the registration.

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In any case, you may want to keep a record of sim cards you have registered for yourself. Previously, I had to send Safaricom Customer Care a DM to inquire, now, thanks to @Osama_Otero on Twitter we have a new and easy USSD to check how many numbers are registered to you.

How to Check How Many Safaricom Numbers Are Registered to Your ID Number

  1. Dial *106#
  2. Select option 1 — Check my numbers 

Safaricom will then list and send you a text with all the numbers registered to the same National Identification Number as the sim card you are using.

If you find there are numbers you don’t recognize;

  1. Dial *106#
  2. Select option 2 — Report unknown number
  3. Select the number that you do not know and confirm
  4. Select option 4 — Cancel a reported number
  5. Select it and confirm.

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