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Last year, chaos erupted when a Kenyan user took to Twitter and revealed millions of Kenyans had been registered to political parties without their knowledge, this prompted a directive from the Data Protection Commissioner’s office requiring the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties to deregister all Kenyans who had been erroneously registered to the political parties.

This prompted the ORPP to launch its services on eCitizen three months ago, effectively giving all Kenyans the authority to manage their individual affiliations with political parties.

The portal allows you to check the party you belong to, join a political party of choice and  resign from a political party as a member by giving a written notice to the Secretary-General of the concerned Political Party and notifying the Registrar of Political Parties within seven days

How to Check Status

  1. Log in or sign up to the e-Citizen website
  2. Select the new ‘Office of the Registrar of Political Parties.’
  3. Click on ‘Political membership status’
  4. Select ‘complete’ to view your status.
  5. Confirm whether you have been registered to any party and if so, if it is the party of your choice.

How To register to a political party

  1. Click on ‘Political parties member registration’
  2. Fill in all the details on the next page
  3. Click on register

How To resign from a political party on eCitizen

  1. Click on ‘political parties membership resignation’
  2. The page will display the party you have been registered to
  3. Click on deregister and submit to have your details removed from the party.

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