lipa mdogo mdogo

Lipa Mdogo Mdogo is a service from Safaricom that enables you to buy a phone on credit. After making a first-time installment, you will be allowed to repay the cost in monthly installments. Once you receive your phone, it will come with the Safaricom Lipa Mdogo Mdogo app.

Can You Uninstall the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo App?

The big question always arises: is it possible to uninstall the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo app? According to Safaricom, it is not possible to uninstall this app. Safaricom continuously monitors and enhances the app’s security to ensure it cannot be uninstalled.

Google also helps the telco make sure you can’t circumnavigate the security protocols put in place using the “Device Lock Controller” app. The app is also used by other credit providers to curtail the functionality of a phone that’s being financed if payments are missed.

What If You Want to Deactivate the App?

If you’re looking for ways to deactivate or remove the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo app, there are several YouTube videos that provide tutorials on how to do this. However, please note that these methods are not officially endorsed by Safaricom and will potentially violate their terms of service.


While the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo app cannot be uninstalled according to Safaricom, there are resources available that claim to provide a solution. However, users should proceed with caution and consider the potential risks and consequences.

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