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How To Fix Chrome Scrolling Lag On Laptop Touchpad

Earlier today I was using my laptop to update my socials when I noticed Chrome browser was having trouble scrolling, the pages were stuttering and obnoxiously lagging, I recently upgraded to Chrome Version 81.0.4044.113 and hadn’t messed around with any settings.

A quick run to Google, where experts suggested I turn off pinch-to-zoom on my touchpad settings, this didn’t work and neither did adjusting my touchpad sensitivity nor resetting touchpad settings. Restarting Chrome and my laptop didn’t work either.

If you find yourself with the same problem, here is how I fixed mine with a quick 5 seconds simple toggle in Chrome experimental features.


  1. Open your Chrome browser, and paste Chrome://flags in the address bar, this will display a page with experimental features that aren’t part of the default Chrome experience, don’t panic, this is a pretty safe and harmless toggle fix.
  2. Next, in the displayed search bar search for “Smooth Scrolling”. Your setting should be set to default as shown below.
  3. Select disable and that’s it, relaunch your Chrome browser. Alternatively paste chrome://flags/#disable-smooth-scrolling in the address bar and relaunch Chrome.

I know, Disable? Isn’t smooth scrolling what we are after? Well yes, when you disable smooth scrolling in Chrome, quite the opposite happens, scrolling is now faster, more responsive and accurate.

P.s This might not work for you, you can also try lowering your screen refresh rate if the problem persists.

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